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Stories of fur sitings...

White Fox

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I was just going through old posts in the Archive and found one that was so interesting by Joe. I had forgotten it totally. It describes an encounter with a "Damsel" wearing fur where he works.


It got me to thinking that this would be a great topic. What places have you seen fur that you would never expect to see it? It just suddenly appeared in a place you never thought you would see it. Now then, in some cities this might be the main street - Amsterdam for instance? But certainly not Montreal as it is the normal thing there.


Maybe you went to a play without ever thinking you would see fur and suddenly saw it?


Here is the link to the original post in the Library.




Some of you must have some more great stories on this topic.



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Aw, shucks! You made me miss my old job back in Pennsylvania. In the immortal words of the shop guys (see the link to that story)... "what're yew tryin' ta dew?"...



I'm sure y'all can think of some unexpected fur sightings you've come across...to be honest, these days the Roman weather has been so unpredictable (and unseasonably warm, according to the locals), that the ladies will carry their furs...just in case. Just yesterday, I saw two of the best foxes I've seen all year - a middle-aged mother in her gorgeous, massive silver fox 7/8 coat (with preteen daughter clinging on to the fur) at an outdoor market, and, after midnight, a cute young bottle blonde wrapped in a delightfully fluffy blue fox stroller in Piazza Navona.


Looking forward to hearing your stories,


a presto,



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I have an interesting experience that happened to me.


I was living in Duluth about two years back, and I had to take the DTA Bus most anywhere I wanted to go as I didn't drive at that time. To get from where I was just on the westernmost side of Duluth to the Mall and Supermarket area I had to take a bus trip of about an hour and a half, one way.


Most of the time I didn't have to share my seat unless the bus got pretty full, which it didn't usually at the time I was on it. I'm not a skinny guy or overly large, but there wasn't much room for anyone on the seat but me when I sat down on it.


I was headed up to the mall one day and the bus was pretty full. There wasn't anyone next to me, as I had sort of sat so as that there wasn't much room, not being the social butterfly type and not wanting to have to squeeze against the side. I wasn't paying attention to stops, since only the last one was of any consideration to me, and I was daydreaming and staring out the window when I got this tap on this shoulder. "Scoot in please."


I squished against the side of the bus, and turned my head to see what might have been the most fur wearing person on the bus. I don't recall what she was wearing, but it was fur and it made my head swim. I just know she was a youngish lady, not the sort of outfit you'd see on a bus and I'll be darned if I know what she was doing on it, and the fur was just part of a short jacket.


The rest of the ride was a blur, apart from her scooting in to let someone past and me getting squished into that fur until nearly the end of the ride when she got off near the ritzy part of town and thanked the driver. I was half tempted to get off with her, since I hadn't the ability to conversate with her with my heart pounding out of my chest the whole trip, but I went on to the mall and wished I could of went home quicker.


Wow, what a trip.

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Great story! One that I remember most was being in the local school one night at a meeting pretty much totally unrelated to education. It was probably about 8 PM or so and I was in the hallway getting a drink. Well, in walked one of the teachers in one of the nicest blue fox coats that I have ever seen. It is like most of these "surprise sitings" are. Just for such a short while. But, I could barely believe what had just happened! Come and gone so quickly.



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