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ohboyohboy! new flickr smoker in fur!

Guest touchofsable

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Love her text


lyrai says:


I. Love. This. Coat. I could almost marry it, if that were legal. And if I swung that way. The way the collar turns up in the other photo is so cool... Oh, yeah. Great photo, too!

Posted 7 days ago.


Someone should clue her in






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TOS, you need to slow down and get real.


In all the pics you listed, there is a cigarette in only one and it's hard to tell if she is actually smoking it.


The fur ... well, I am not sure it is fur, and judging from the tags, neither is the photographer.


Sorry to be so harsh but you are an intelligent adult (I think) but sometimes you act like a puerile schoolboy. If your friends won't tell you, who will?

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If you want pictures of woman smoking, go to another board. If you want pictures of woman in fur, you're at the right place.

If you want pictures of woman smoking and wearing fur, you're at the right place to. Maybe the quantity of those pics is a bit lower, but hey, can't have everything.


And besides that.. if you are not shure is a coat like this:


is made of fur.. Than maybe YOU are the one who needs to get real?

Be happy someone takes the time to posts these pictures here

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actually there is another smoking one I didn't post by the looks of it. A close up. I posted the others cos I thought you may be interested.The fur is sheared beaver and blue fox. Definitely fur.


I found it on a smoking/fur search. There are some nice others too.


I think she is also attractive. the first shot is very artistic.


So what's the problem?

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TOS ... look at what you wrote:


ohboyohboy! another smoker in fur!


That's pretty exciting. Two exclamations! This is going to be something!


TOS ... look at what you linked to:


one picture of a lady holding a ciggie and some other shots of her totally devoid of smoking.


So what got me going here was the disconnect. Big headline, little follow-through.


I am not trolling. I would not waste my time doing that. Kapish?


Anyhow ... try some of these:







Link removed for Code violation. However, if you wish to see the photos, you can see them in Gallery 2 of the Lana Cox site.

White Fox


Lots of old stuff but it will probably be new to a lot of people.

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yes Madame TR I have posted them before. You are a fellow fan of the seductive art of smoking?


I like the blonde I posted. The first shot is particularly cinematic. It is arty and the others in the two galleries are not.


They may be sexy....but not beautiful. These shots are. I am sorry if my criteria disapponited you!

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