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Chat is here.

White Fox

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Well folks, I am going to risk the wrath of the mods, and post this message here as it will be the last one describing new areas for a good while. This is to tell you that the New Fur Den is complete. Chat is here! Your new home is finished. We do have a few pieces of "Quarter Round" trim to go on yet. But we figure poor AK will quit if we give him any more projects right now! Also, the New Den will never be "Complete as such" as we will always be upgrading it.


You will notice a small number beside the word chat and the tv/monitor like icon. It will say something like chat 0 or chat 5, etc. That is the number of people in chat right at the moment. So a quick look will tell you instantly if anyone is in there. Also, it will tell you if there is indeed anyone there waiting to talk.


More information is available here...



Indeed we hope that you enjoy the new chat area. Also, we hope that you will think of sponsoring us as well. The site would work so much better if we were on our own private server. And with your help we can do just that! One sponsor - LittlebigB, has already given us a second donation. LittlebigB, we all want to really thank you for that! It is dedication like that, that makes this such a tremendous place!


For information on other sponsors, have a look.



In your new home are over 50,000 posts between the Archive of the old site, and this one. There are almost 5,000 photos with the numbers growing. We have 1100 members. We have a library that is available on almost no other similar site anywhere on the web be it fur or non fur oriented. We have a team of experts available with a huge number of years of experience in the fur industry. Memory is failing me here but think it is close to 60 years in total with further backup to that. We have a Pub Forum where you can post messages about every subject. And now we have a brand new chat area.


Welcome to your new home folks. The Fur Den is now complete!


White Fox

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There have been 21 members come on to use chat. We hope that all of you found someone there so you could use it!


Hope that the rest of you can join us there soon. The small number beside the chat box will tell you if anyone is in there. If you come and the member does not answer right away just wait a couple of minutes. They will likely return soon..


White Fox

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