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Dynasty season 2


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Hello all,


Is the "Dynasty season 2" dvd allready for sale or is it still in the pipeline?


Knows someone the answer? Is there a site for buying this dvd?



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Searching through a/the Dynasty website - http://www.shoulderpads.net/ - their DVD section and forums state that the season 2 release is in the pipeline and rumours on their forum now say it's due out in 2007.


For those who don't know, Season 1 was released on Region 1 format last year; the fur scenes are nice but limited to Linda Evans wearing a lynx during the extended pilot and wearing at least two furs (including a sable or mink and I think a crystal fox) during one of the mid season episodes. The cliff-hanger (sorry if this is a spoiler) features the first appearance of Joan Collins as Alexis, so expect a lot more furs from Season 2 onwards - as many of you will know from the original and repeat airings and the many screencap images and video clips around.



Mr Mockle

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