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Now that I'm back from the dead, so to speak, and back online and in the Den, it struck me that the December 1 deadline to become a Charter Sponsor had come and gone. Since I had been away, I was curious about how many of our members had actually made an effort to lend support to the care, maintenance and expansion of the Den with a financial contribution.


I was bitterly disappointed.


That being said, I want to recognize Auzmink, FurLoverinFL, Ravens8, Littlebigb79, Cookie, MrMockle, Wallee, Lafur, Joe, MrC1946, JGalanos, Polbeton, Unclejoe420 and Soft Touch. They have already shown that they care enough to lend us financial support. To those members, I want to express my deepest appreciation. With the contributions you and I have made, we are many steps closer to having own dedicated server beginning sometime after the first of the year. That will be great! It will ensure that we will have enough room to do what we want, at least in the short term, and it will mean that the Den and its facilities will be available to you without frustrating delays.


Once this change is made, though, there's no going back. We will have to maintain the Den at that level or higher from now on, which means we will have to renew each year at a higher price. Without your help, we won't be able to do that, which would mean that one of three things would have to happen - My partner, AKcoyote, and I would have to finance it ourselves (That ain't gonna happen!) we would have to resort to advertising to maintain the site (Not a very attractive thing, either!) or we would just have to close the site down.


So you see, the future of The Fur Den is really in your hands, fellow Denizens. It's "crap or get off the pot" time. You say how much you love this site and how much it means to you - Well it's time to put your money where your mouth is!


Charter Sponsorship is a good deal! It's a "two-fer!" You're essentially getting two years of sponsorship for the price of one, plus as long as you maintain your sponsorship beyond that (at least at the Fur Den Partner level) you will always be identified and honored as a "Charter Sponsor."


I am authorizing that the deadline for Charter Sponsorship be extended to Friday, December 15, 2006 at 12M EST. If you sponsor at least at the Fur Den Partner level (a minimum of $25 US) by then, your sponsorship will be valid through September 30, 2008!


If you are not able to donate at this level, then any donation would be appreciated. Every little bit helps. If everyone donated just a little bit, then this site would be financially set and we wouldn't ever have anything to worry about. In fact, I am hoping that with enough participation, we will be able to sponsor some really fun things for the membership, giving you even more than you have now. Just remember - This site is a non-profit site. Everything we bring in goes back into the site.


This where you go to become a sponsor: http://thefurden.com/fdwiki/pmwiki.php?n=FD.Sponsorship


Thank you so much for you attention to this important matter! I look forward to welcoming many new Charter Sponsors in the next couple of weeks!

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Good news to all, I sponsored and I am certainly not feeling any ill effects from it. It is Xmas, cash is tight, but do we all have a common love / fetish / appreciation / want, so please chip in, cos my day would be miserable if I couldn't read all these great posts.......



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