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I know there was a threa da while back about some pictures of women smoking in furs and soem people like it and some hate it. I happen to like it and I'm curious who here smokes and if you do, do you smoke in your fur? I would think that a lot of exposure to smoke would damage the fur, but smoking outside in fur or something would be okay. Any thoughts on this from any of the smokers and/or furriers?

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Smoke can easily be cleaned from fur; what some people mistake as smoke discolouration is often oxidisation which cant be cleaned.


I am a major fan of ladies in fur smoking as most people know by now!!!


It was great in the hollywood movies and even better now both fur wearing and smoking have both become "illicit" and as a result even more alluring.

I dont wish to offend once more people who dont like it, but from my many pms, lots of us...and I mean lots...especially some of the quieter folks...do.


Don't forget to post with specific mention if anyone finds something!


One of my favourite smoking in fur movies was "The Marriage of Maria Braun" a very sad but brilliant film, featuring Hanna Schygulla. I found two shots of her, sadly not smoking, but nice in fur:




and a Newton shot:




didnt she play Marlene Dietrich in a movie? bet there was smoking in fur in that...anyone seen it?

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I quit smoking more than a year ago. I couldn't be happier. But it's a free country. Smoke if you want to, AFAIC. I just got fed up with it.


Even when I did smoke I wouldn't do it in the house, in the car or around anything valuable. Fur would be included.


When I lived by myself I used to smoke in the house or anywhere else the urge hit me. But one day I brought a date home. (Pre-marriage days.) I opened the door to my house and walked in. The breeze must have been just right or something. The smell of old cigarettes hit me right in the face. I could see it in her face... YUCK!! I went over to the window and opened it up to let some air in. It's a good thing she was a smoker too. That would have ended the date right there. But, still, it was a close call


Shortly after that, I quit smoking indoors. I just didn't like my house to smell like an old, dirty ash tray. If I wanted to smoke I would go out to the garage or down to the basement. When I lived in warmer climate, I went out to the back porch. It was a pretty natural thing to do after a while.


Also, I didn't like seeing little bits of cigarette ash down between the keys of my computer keyboard. Even if you're careful, there are still a few bits that "escape" while you smoke. (Not to mention the brownish tar that gets all over everything!)


Pretty much the same goes for the car. After a while you can't help but get one or two cigarette burn in the upholstery. Even if you always roll the window down, there will still be damage.


So, no, I wouldn't smoke around furs. It's just too costly in the long run.

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Don't want to start something big but for a non-smoker sensitized to the smell you can never successfully get that funky sickening smell out.


There has to be a residual of the oils and tars to make that happen.


I've had to get rid of several furs after trying everything to get the smell out.


My ex wife has become a born-again-non-smoker and she had to get rid of her entire former wardrobe because of her new sensitivty to the smell after she quit.



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I prefer to smoke outside anyway....same reasons.


However there is a world of difference between smoking and smoking with allure. Few can do it. If you never got off on it you did the right thing to pack it up.

Its like some women can wear furs and make them look sexy, and others cant.

And then theres one mans meat is anothers poison.


But its also a big thing with some women. In fact every girlfriend I have ever had has found it a turn on, but then I do go for some "typey" women I suppose.


And yes theres a big come down with the smell and stuff, but its true you dont notice it if you do smoke. And yes you have to paint the living room every year or two!!!

Lets try to keep this on topic ...I think we covered the health aspects in the melody off topic thread.


So as regards furs, the same applies...you just have to get them cleaned more regularly...well I say that, but have only done it once and it came up perfect on a blue fox. If you smoke indoors I would recommend putting the furs in the bedroom out of the way..because the lighter ones will stain. Smells are easily got rid of by airing them outside on windy day for an hour...works wonders...but then give them a good shake for insects!!!

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yes I can email it to you tomorrow but I am going to bed now as she is calling me!!!! She probably wants a cup of tea or something though!!!

speak tomorrow!!!! PM me with your email address.


best regards TOS

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...for a non-smoker sensitized to the smell you can never successfully get that funky sickening smell out.


Gotta' agree there!


It's weird how, after a few months, the sense of smell starts regenerating itself. You can smell things that you never smelled before.


I used Wellbutrin (Zyban) to quit. The stuff works. Being around people who smoke doesn't bother me one bit. You can light one up right in front of me and it won't matter. I'll joke around with you a bit but that's it.


Cigarette smoke smells bad, no matter how you slice it, whether you are a smoker, a non-smoker or an ex-smoker. It feels really good to get that foul odor out of my life.


However, the smell of fresh, unburned tobacco still smells good to me. I don't want to smoke it. I just want to smell it. It's almost as good as smelling a freshly tanned hide.

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To each their own, but I will say this. My boyfriend would be repulsed if I smoked. Matter of fact, our thoughts on smoking are one of our many great commonalities. I can assure, neither he or I are attracted to people smoking in their furs. But as I said before, to each their own. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

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There is nothing like a serious all day p*ss up and then getting up the next day with the hangover from hell and having a good whiff of an ashtray.


I think the do-gooders have won again; like they did with fur. It's got nothing to do with the rights and wrongs of what we do, it's just moralistic pains in the arse (butts) telling us what to do.


I was chatting from someone from Africa, who does not know the history of British culture very well. I explained the following points:


Forty years ago we could smoke wherever we wanted and no body was bothered by it.


Forty years ago people wore fur and no body was bothered about it.


Forty years ago we all ate fried breakfasts, then we were told they were bad for us. Now everyone eats junk food and everyone is fat.


I really wish society would just leave everyone alone and stop brain washing everyone; so many people are victims of it.


People should stop listening to all the cr*p they are told. I quote from a previous post of mine;


So they have banned smoking; now i can sleep soundly in my bed. Now all they have to do is stop murder, rape, antisocial behaviour, etc etc etc etc etc


Nothing like a good rant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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As I've said before.


You can smoke all you wish so long as it's not around me or where I am.


My rights and freedoms.



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Are you likely to visit the South of England in the forseeable future, or the Costa Blanca at the end of August, or the Czech Republic at the beginning of December?

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You can smoke around me if you want. I don't crave it. It doesn't bother me one bit. I simply got fed up with the whole thing.


At first, I LIKED to smoke. It made me feel good. After a while I just smoked "because". Near the end, I only smoked because I felt bad when I didn't. I got fed up with smoking just to keep myself from feeling bad.


I'm not refering to nicotine withdrawl... the shakes, headaches and the other PHYSICAL effects. I refer to the emotional aspect. I was just not HAPPY if I wasn't smoking. That's when I realized I wanted to quit.


It took me about three months to get used to not smoking. After six months I was 100% clean. It took me about a year to really feel comfortable. It's been about 18 months, now. I'm perfectly confident that I am an ex-smoker.


I don't mind one bit if you smoke. If you come to my house I'll ask you to go outside or down to the basement because my wife does NOT like anybody to smoke in the house. (We have an extensive array of "collectibles" in the house that would be seriously damaged by smoke.) I would go right outside and converse with you while you smoked. If the time and place was right I would even light a cigarette for a lady and hand it off to her. I wouldn't want to smoke it myself.


If you want to talk about quitting I'm willing to offer you all the advice I can. I'll do whatever I can to help you with moral support. If you ask me to help you quit I'll take a cigarette away from you if you try to light up. (With advance permission.) But I don't care, one way or another, if you smoke.


It's a free country! 8)

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Dear Worker,

I liked your post, nice and level headed.


Me give up smoking; Nah!!


four reasons;

1) I have been smoking for forty years (since the age of ten) although i don't smoke much. Okay, i am probably addicted, but, believe it or not i like smoking.


2)Since i gave up boozing it is the only vice i have left.


3)I am fed up with being what to do, so i sort of smoke as a protest vote.


4)I am very healthy; all the medical people look peeved when i tell them i smoke; they can't believe it. If i gave up smoking i would probably put on loads of weight and one thing i really dread is being fat. (it's a personal thing)

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This has gotten a fair bit off topic folks as I guessed it was going to, but I'll leave it here for a few posts to see if some of you can bring this back to the topic of smoking and furs seeing as how that's where it started. Thanks.

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Whoops! The issue has started up again.


1. I appeal to you all for tolerance; as I said I despise petro chemical products but if someone likes washing up gloves and fur I will defend their preference, and try to make a way of making environmentally friendly rubber as I am sure its possible if rubber gloves were $40 a pair(which is theWWF estimate of what they cost the environment) so stick a tax of x5 on them (which is what we smokers pay) and I will be happy.


2. I have been plagued all my life(since 11)and my parents killed by helicobactor pylori and I didnt hear the word mentioned, so dont pull the health stuff on me as both my grandmother(smoked 60 a day)died 96 and my girlfs grandmother 98 smoked 80 a day still going strong swimming every day and better body than Pam Anderson. I had $160 dollars worth of antibiotics the government didnt want me to know existed as theyd rather blame disease on smoking...YOU ARE BEING CONNED. Cant tax bacteria/virus.

3. On the smell issue you have a very, very valid point. I dont even like the smell when its stale. But the I dont much care for stale cabbage/sprouts...open the windows for goodness sake....or get OFF to install his excellent extraction system.


4. Why a gap? I will tell you. I have consulted Cherokee elders on the matter and they say:

"Evil spirits dont like smoke they never have. Some things never change".

Smoke cleanses the soul"


Thats what they said(took 4 of them to come up with a 17 word answer whivk wont make much sense to us). Thats all...I will leave it to you...they invented use of the substance and they said just say that. As I trust them on fur I trust them on that. You cant pick and choose.


5.I have never had 10 minutes with a woman (over 100) who didnt say after a few drinks smoking is sexy. Its about honesty. Its the fastest growing fetish (and believe it or not its not a fetish for me as its only 10% of women who make it an art)and that indicates to me there are some secretive antis out there(just as the secretive anti fur who patrol this site...yes YOU! Join in and be honest to yourself!) Okay girls...ask yourself...Johnny dEPP WITH HIS CIGARTETTES (80 A DAY) or mr do goody good non smoker? Dont say the former without the smoking habit as as JD and Sharon Stone says: "We will always be smokers even if we quit for a while".


If you dont know what I am talking about you have no understanding of sensuality. You also should never have been smoking in the first place Tsk!

If you dont know what I am talking about dont get involved as no doubt it has dirty, foul smelling, and yes even painful after effects. So dont get a horse either. nuff said. And as for you ski-ers...yes its sexy i confess...but healthy? who's laid up right now?(one at least here and three of my racing friends) you have corrupted me into wanting to ski and I will be blaming you next year if I am hospitalised!!!!!

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In direct response to the topic sentence: No, I would never smoke around my fur things.


Natural fur can be cleaned. It is also fairly resistant to burns if a hot ash falls on it. Yes, if the "cherry" from the end of your ciggie fell on fur, it would sustain damage. But if a hot "fly ash" got on it, you could quickly blow it off with a puff of air then brush away the dust. You would have greater than a 50% chance of coming out unscathed.


All of our fur things are synthetic. Even a small bit of fly ash risks serious damage. The synthetic fibers melt easily. The only thing that can be done to remove the damage would be to trim away the damaged fibers with a pair of sharp-pointed scissors. If the damage area was extensive, there would be a divot.


Yes, synthetic fur is more washable than natural fur. But our fur things are difficult to clean because of their shape. Further, the sheer number of them makes cleaning an arduous chore. Even if I only dusted them with a gentle stream of air or a vacuum hose it would take weeks. There are over 1,000 of them.


So, we have to do everything we can to take care of them. We have the windows covered with anti-UV coating to keep the sun from damaging them. If we cook anything in the kitchen that has a strong aroma like fish or curry we close the kitchen door that leads into the dining room to prevent the smoke/aroma particles from getting through the house.


So, in a nutshell, no smoking in the house.


Allfurme: There was a time when I, too, kept smoking to prevent me from doing other things. My doctor tried to get me to quit cigarettes. I told him that I would give up smoking tobacco or give up smoking other things. He chose the lesser of two evils.


When I started my Quit-Smoking strategy I weighed 285 pounds. When I finally called it quits I weighed 260. Now that it's winter time I put on 5 pounds, leaving me hovering around 265. So, in the end, I quit smoking AND lost 20 pounds!

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I smoke while I wear My Furs, blow the smoke in everyones face and dont care where the ashes go.

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Dude: Your photos must have been pulled because the links are dead and your Yahoo album is empty.


What's the score? Did they get pulled for copyright or something?

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I smoke while I wear My Furs, blow the smoke in everyones face and dont care where the ashes go.


I eat lots of beans, fart in everyones faces and don't care where the bubbles go.

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