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Fur Sighting at Sugarland Texas Tree lighting


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My fiance and I attended the Christmas Tree lighting last night in Sugarland TX. There where a bunch of furs to report about! I would say 80% of the high school teenage girl has on some sort of fur trimmed boots. There where at least 20 jackets with fox trim around the hood etc. We saw 1 lady that had a sweater with rabbit fur on the top half. Itwas a very beautiful cream color. We also saw 3 mink coats 2 of them where full lenght and another was a short jacket. All seamed to be black. But the best coat goes to a older lady with glasses in her fiftys. She had a drop dead gorgous full lenght sable coat!!!! We could not keep our eyes off of her! I myself did not wear a fur to the event but I almost bought a fur scarf for a store but decided against it caost we both thought $54.00 for a small rabbit 1 was to much to worry about when we can go on ebay and get something way better for the price!

bye fur now,


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