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White Fox

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You will notice that there was a change a few hours back to the title area of the Den describing a sponsor here. The names of everyone who sponsors us here will be posted there from time to time unless the individual asks us not to do this.


We truly believe that if a sponsor is good enough to give us a donation that we should recognize this and we want to thank everyone who becomes a sponsor here!


Of course sponsors are still listed on this page in more detail.



We do hope that each of you will think of remembering us. We can only make the Den a better place with your help! Every donation helps us toward our goal, be it big, or be it small. Even a donation of just one penny per day will help us so much. Also, any suggestions that you have are certainly welcome at any time. Your posting these can make such a difference here.


Again, I want to thank all who have sponsored us in the Den. Your generosity has meant so much to us here! And, we hope that others here will follow your very generous example.


Now that the Den is complete (With introduction of chat soon) you will of course see other little interesting areas of change here. Keep watch folks.


White Fox


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