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Info on upcoming chat

White Fox

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Guys and Gals...


As mentioned we have a new chat coming to the Den. And, unlike many you have seen this one does work well. There are a couple of little options that may not work for some of you, but all in all tests have went even better than expected so far. Mods and sponsors have been thoroughly testing it and it works great!


If all goes to plan you will see a small icon that looks like a monitor at the bottom of the index page with a number beside it telling the number of people in chat.


Before you enter chat we ask that you have a quick look through the instructions area for it.



In this area are the rules for chat, info about little features you may not know, etc. For instance you can change the size of the text you write, but YOU will not see the change. Only the people reading the text will see it.


For a number of reasons we are not going to announce the opening date for Chat on the site. The primary one is that we do not want to have 25 people trying it out all at the same exact time.


So, folks, soon the construction phase of the Den will be complete for awhile at least except for some little "House Keeping" duties.


Have fun! Hope to meet you in chat soon!

White Fox

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