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wonder woman aka Lynda carter

Guest touchofsable

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I know there were some gorgeous shots around of Lynda carter in fox furs; big power ones. Anyone know of any?

Also I note that some pics of her smoking (IRL smoker !) in the "Love Goddess: Rita hayworth" were posted in the clebritysmoking site. No fur though in the jpegs and I can;t get the videos to play.


Has anyone seen that movie starring Lynda as Rita and if so is there any fur in it?

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  • 15 years later...

I guess back in 2006, these images were a rarity…fast forward to 2021, just a simple web search brings a whole treasure trove of the Lady of Justice in her luxurious full length fox.














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…and one of her in dark mink. There are others of her out there in Coyote, Crystal Fox, Light mink, but I personally don’t bother downloading pics of low resolution or have watermarks.


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Lynda only wore Fur once, i believe, on WW on a S3 two-parter "The Boy Who Knew Her Secret."

and in case it's not highlighted in the above...

The full episode is available on Prime Video.

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