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yet another myspace loser to look out for...

Guest MissTheresa

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got all kinds of nice picture comments from this twat, all but one of which i deleted... death threats and all... so friendly these anti fur peta kids!




and this




You gotta read this gem I hightlighted from the profile as it's so true and the little shite's own words:


"And i have not time for haters or shit talkers. Im completley happy with myself. No one can take me down. So say what you want, and Ill just turn the other way laughing. So whatever, get a life and dont wast time on the people you hate. I am nice to anyone if they are nice to me, anyone can count on me. I help anyone in need. But I have a bad side. Sometimes I can be the biggest ass hole in the world. But only if you deserve it."


which is what they are sending these comments from. yes i reported them to myspace... nothing will come of it i am sure. just thought those of us on myspace might want to

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Arrgghhh!!!! Stupid, self-rightous 15-year old jackasses... I bet he's telling his little girlfriend what a differnce he's made in the world now!



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he is a little ywat. if I were you I would send him a message saying that if he is very very lucky when he grows up he may get to shag someone like kate moss in furs and then he will remember how stupid he was when he was young.

On the other hand he may be unlucky enough to shag his namesake pamela and then he will know the gross touch of what is synthetic.

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don`t mind these little idiots. ill keep posting my positive comments on your pics that are still some of the best i can find in the net. love the style! keep on this great work and don`t care about little peta kids that simply have no idea of anything!

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i noticed before going to bed that the kids profile was added to my friends list, so look out for that cause he's a sneaky one.


sadly this is the last thing i need at the moment, so i pulled most all info down from myspace and set the profile to private.


i'm not going to have internet access soon either (it's in the ex-boyfriends name and he is leaving this weekend), so i won't have to think about these types of people anymore.


i'll try to pm and get in touch with those good friends of mine here, but if i miss anyone they should pm me and we'll exchange info so that we can stay in touch.


short of the story is this: i'm sick of technology and putting myself out there only to be plagued with stupidity and pleas for work for free - it's time for me to squirrel myself away and do work i've been putting off too long (writing my story). i need this haitus but will miss everyone here on the den. when i'm done with this book, i'll see about getting back online at home... for now it doesn't do much to help me.

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