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Shocking evidence of corruption of scientific findings


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before I post this I had better explain who I am. I am a fashion model, and my friend (also a model) and I stumbled on your site one evening.I don't know how because it has taken me ages to find it again!


we found a thread on one of our best friends actually which was cool! None on us though boo hoo!


Anyway on bwgreyscale, an industry forum, a lot has been made of this and I think it is important too. Before I did my first assignment in fur we got taken to a fur farm in Finland and none of us that went would have any problems with fur now. So we can enjoy it - and wey hey almost as much as you ! We lurrrrvvvvv furs! But I love animals too and wouldn't support fur if it wasn't for high welfare standards.


So I will not be posting much as I want to protect my identity- these antis are very nasty. But here is some ammo for your weapons:




I think it is very important, don't you? It suggests fraudulent political conspiracy against the fur trade at a high level. The very scientists that the EEC expected to find welfare issues in the fur trade found it to be very good. So someone doctored it and here they complain about what was done.


Myself I have a gucci black fox, rabbit and fox fursnowboots and a black mink by the way as you are probably wondering! Please do not pm me though!! No offence but I have a boyfriend and he may take it the wrong way.


furry hugs though ! xoxo

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Welcome to the Den, Ultravixen.


Now there is a name from the annals of filmdom... Russ Meyer fan perchance??


Seems like the pollies in Europe need to chat with aussie PM, little Johnnie Howard, about how to rig a government inquiry so that it answers the Right questions, but not the correct answers.


anyways, enuff politics..... on to the furs *grin*

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Very interesting reading, thanks for that - an article that needs to go into the Library - anyone done it?


Oh, and welcome, to likeminded friends.



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Welcome Untravixen!!!!


I have read this through.


It is appalling that this could lay buried on the net for 3 years and is indisputable proof of a conspiracy at top government level...unwarranted...aginst the fur trade.


EVERYONE should read this. It needs to be Wiki'd as a resource in full. Does anyone know how to do this?


This is damning evidence against the antis. It basically PRAISES the high welfare standards on farms. It is by the LEADING experts in the field of animal behaviour Dr Dantzer and Dr. Bloom.


The Fur indistry is under pressure from evil governments and meida who have been corrupted by the AR movement and want a sacroficial pig to satisfy the envious masses. there are dark clouds on the horizon...a campaign by the RSPCA next year and a ban on harp seal in the UK, breaking the Rio Declaration on the environment and again gurting the inuit.




If we do not read it and act as a lobby who the hell else will?


Thanyou Ultravixen. Thankyou. A big thankyou to all your colleagues in the fashion industry to which as the fashion site you are a member of rightly says, are brave people.


This is the best christmas gift of hope that we could have. We musts spread it around the net and also use it in all correspondence with newspapers and elected representatives in our democracies. You have begun that process Ultravixen Thankyou .


oh and err....could you tip us off when there is a shoot on fur in bwgreyscale as it seems to be good!

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If you are in the EEC you need to write to your elected representataive to ask for an explanation of this. Who did it and why. Why the findings have been ignored and the prejudice against fur continues.


A letter to the embassies of SAGA nations expressing support for their fur farms and enclosing the link would also not go amiss.

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Auz, you are right. Page 5 on for a bit should be in the Library, and possibly pages 5 to 10. Also, there are probably other parts as well. If someone could help us organize it a bit we can make sure it gets there. The first part is simply to decide what should and should not go to the Library. What parts should we save. Second part is to post it.


One of you can post it or we can help with that part if you are timid of wiki yet. Auz is right here though. It does need to go there.



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We have no unbiased media. ITV are totally commercial and BBC are totally controlled by the government. Sky is owned by Murdoch and the problem is with slating any AR movement is the anger of people like the RSPCA, PETA, WISPA etc who have huge advertising budgets.


It was a huge shock to most people that the greatest demonstration ever seen in the UK was half a million people turning up to defend hunting from being banned. A similar demo against hunting some time later, with far greater media publicity , got only 7000. Virtually the whole media was contemptuous of the Hunting lobby. The Government here took a milion pound bribe from AR people before they were elected.


The whole thing is done and dusted. This governemt are crooks and hypocrites and the last person who pointed out there was no evidence for weapons of mass destruction was mysteriously found with one wrist cut in a wood.


Or at least they think its done and dusted. Resistance must come from the people. One thing for sure is that Blair/Brown are going to get a massive defeat at the next election, and the Tories will then be able to reverse some of the three thousand unecessary laws inhibiting liberty these bastards have introduced.


I appeal to all British and EEC members of the den to ask questions of their elected representatives about this shocking alteration of scientific evidence (exhonorating fur farming ) for sisnister political ends.

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Welcome ultravixen


A worthy early post to be sure. We hope you post often.


There are "Pros" of all sorts here so you'll fit right in I'm sure.








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Had a few minutes to kill so went and read through the report in the Library.


Gee but it's nice to know that "Yes Minister" was a reality program. Talk about taking a report and making it fit belief system and then the anonymous wankers come up with the final out that the working committee may not agree with their own report, cause we (those that truly know and understand all of this so we just had them waste their time and your money so we could redo their work to reflect our narrowminded PC anal retentive cretinist views) know what's best for all.


Ain't it lovely to be a faceless automaton and just change the world to reflect your own view?? Opss gee just realised that little Johnnie also shares that vision. Guess it ain't just restricted to the EU... or the States....



Addendum: hmmmmmmmm seems like they threw out the brussel sprouts with the water this time. Sorry... couldn't resist *grin*



Edit by White. As Mr B mentioned, the report is in the LIbrary. Click on this link and look for "Fur and Politics".



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