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White Fox

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Say folks:

Where are all those great photos that I thought I was going to see here being posted in the Gallery. Remember I told you we were going to have a little contest? Time is running short.


Common now. Wouldn't it be great if we had about 5 or even 6 thousand photos in the gallery when BrGr comes back? I can just imagine his mouth opening here seeing 6,000 photos!


And just think. You have your own chance to make the mods run wild there. But if you do this, you have to do it very quickly.


Remember now that they must be high quality fur photos, and not just have a tiny bit of imitation fur in one corner. And they cannot by copyright and if possible should not be duplicates of what is in there already. Now then, we don't expect you to know exactly what is there. But if you know it is duplicate please do not post it.


Come on all! Let's see some of those favorite photos of yours folks!


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