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ciao amici,


Just back from Thanksgiving travels, my first since '97 celebrating overseas. Last week, on our way to the closing of the Venice Architecture Biennale exhibition, we played tourist around Piazza San Marco. I, after wearing sandals most of the week, did not expect any...sightings. However, this woman happened to be standing directly in front of my camera when I was shooting the, uh, large ...palazzo...on the left...the name and significance of which...escapes me at the moment. Si...e vero. Va bene.




Allora...we didn't see any more furs, really, even in pricey Venice after the temperature dropped. Of course, on Sunday morning there were dozens of coiffed Nonnas, hobbling to church in their ancient minks, but they don't count. In Treviso airport, however, before our flight to Amsterdam, there were a few horrendously overdone attempts at being 'fabulous, dahling'. Picture a zebra striped fox vest paired with a red alligator skirt, topped with a platinum blonde 'fro...one of my friends I was traveling with, an avid projectrungay.com reader, landed possibly the best timed Tim Gunn quote ever when we walked into the airport...


"Oh, Jesus."


I'll send more reports when the weather (or Italia...) obliges.


a presto,






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