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fashio tv channels online


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I watched a few fashion channels recently and noticed a lot of furs on and off the stage. Is anyone interested in these channels or have links to them to watch them online (TV channels or fashion show videos with furs)?

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That's a grey area.


Who owns it? Why did they make it? Do they usually enforce their copyrights? Do they mind people using or posting their stuff as long as it's non-commercial?


The list goes on and on...


The only real, sure way to know is to ask the owner(s).


Who knows! Maybe they'll even provide you with a link to the original material! If they see it as free advertising to the internet community, they might WANT you to post it.


But you'll never know that unless you ask.

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Absolutely right, worker. The best thing to do is to ask the owner and be sure to keep a copy of his reply if he permits the use on YouTube.



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