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White Fox

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Folks, as mentioned, the Den will soon be complete. With this, the Corral Forum is going through a last change. You will see that the favorite messages are/will be now located here. I have made them sticky for a week so you can find them easily. Otherwise they would be buried under hundreds of files. In fact, I am hoping that within a few hours you will reply to each of them!

All important info from them has been - and will be - recorded in the Library as well. So, if you want access to that info quickly and cannot find the post here you can just quickly go there.


It is listed under "Memorable Posts by Members".


So, these favorite topics are now even easier for you to reply to here now that they are located where you can easily find them both here and in the Library.


Also, all messages being transferred to the Library will apear for a short while either in the Corral, or the Furrier's Forum now for you to see.


***Sorry for so many sticky posts and announcements at the moment. Please be patient as it will soon change.


White Fox

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