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Here is your chance...


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The Fur Den is close to completion on the larger areas - And as we reach this pinnacle, we need YOU to tell us what YOU think could improve our site further.


You are this communitys pillars. You are the platform. You are the machinery - Yes, you! It is only natural that you should be given the chance to help evolve this site, and adjust it with opinions as seen from your eyes.


You now have the chance to do this - The Fur Den Staff will listen to every suggestion you make - and we will discuss every suggestion thoroughly on the staff forums, and return to you with an answer to your suggestion.


It will take you so little time, and help our community so much, no matter how small you think your suggestion is... So please, my friends... Help us help you.


Go to this thread, http://thefurden.com/bbden/viewtopic.php?t=4275, and post your suggestion for improvement or change.


P.S: If you feel uncomfortable with posting your suggestion in public, please do not hesitate to send me a Private Message.


Sincerely yours,

Earendil / Senior Moderator

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Exactly right Earendil!


Folks, how many times have you said "I wish this site would....... " I will bet a good number of tiimes. Now you can tell us so we can think about fixing things that you don't like here or changing some.


Guys and Gals. It is really important that you help us out with your thoughts here on this. We really hope to hear from you very soon.


White Fox

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very true fellahs


To expand on an idea & see if any others will fly with it


Reading through threads on here I know that others over the years have saved numerous "Fur scenes" on tape or in later years bought their favourite clips/scenes on DVD, jus lookign at the numbers on the Furhub(s) over the years I know I'm not unique with my collection BUT as always I'm searching for that rare scene from the 80's before I owned my own VCR or looking for new finds from different nations as the Internet opens this up..... the furhub was a great inception but to date I've yet to see a comprehensive library that could back that up & that's what I would like to propose we do on the Furden in pooling & expanding our knowledge, it's already been started in the library but I'm propossing we go 1 step futher in that we produce a search engine that can be :-


Alphabetical in English & mother tongue / Film Synopsis / Fur synopsis /Actress or Actor / Country & Language / Outlet to copy or purchase / Media available - ultimate aim could be to have them all uploaded via google for all to access....?


Maybe it sounds a bit of a work-up (raises hand) but I believe quite a few would be interested in such a service, maybe even those who lurk in the shadows would be tempted to input there knowledge


Any thoughts...?

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Furelli, I am not sure if Worker has had the time to contact you yet or not. The biggest problem that we would have here is that the mods are pretty much swamped with work here already. We might even be able to help a bit giving some suggestion on how to do basic organization, and even help a tiny bit with programming, but not too much more.


If you could cordinate this and find others here who would help you out, we will certainly try to work with you in any way possible.



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