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You might like this........?

Guest furelli

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Thanks furelli! This is the best fur video I have seen in a LONG LONG LONG time!


Now... to crack the source and rip the video.


(Did I say that loud?)


EDIT: Done.


PM me for the link. Don't want to post a rip in the Den

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One of the best fur videos ever! Great variety of top quality furs, great model and good image quality. A precious and rare pearl of fur videos.


Thank you so much!

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Well everyone seems to agree.....it is a superb video.


I was able to download the picture but not the video.


What a great find.


Thank you so much!





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This video is the best presentation I have ever seen of the totality of what is so alluring, glamorous and sexy about furs on beautiful women.


Thanks for finding and posting it.


sf fur

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