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Happy Thanksgiving!!!!


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Just wanted to wish everyone - particularly our friends here in the States, a very Happy Thanksgiving! When you're going out to visit your friends and family, be sure to wear your furs proudly!


Also, let's make tomorrow "Fur Fashion Friday" - wear 'em when you're out going to all those after-Thanksgiving sales!



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Happy Thanksgiving all.


I guess it's that time of year to remind all of you that the Fur Twins Proclamation is still alive and well.


A Proclamation


Be it resolved that the day after Thanksgiving in the United States, shall be known as:




Some reasons for this proclamation are:


1. Your furs have been in storage all summer. It is a good day to become reacquainted with them.


2. It is the busiest shopping day of the year. That makes it a good day to think and promote fur.


3. It is the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. Wearing your fur is a hint to your significant other about the gift you would like to receive. Or it could be a hint about the gift you are planning to give your significant other.


4. It is close to the beginning of winter. Wearing your fur will remind you how comfortable you will be on those cold windy days of winter.


5. It is time to bring back some honesty about this issue. Let us expose the PETA myth that this day is fur free Friday. They have been trying to convince us for years that this is the truth. Obviously it is not.


6. Any other reason which you think would be applicable.


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