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Important for all to read.

White Fox

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Attention Members.


There is one thing that happens on site here from time to time that we should explain. Today I had to remove a post by Luke for being XXX. Yet, I noticed that one of our mods had not removed it and when I checked he did not see the XXX, but indeed saw just a great photo. I expect that Luke saw the same.


Unfortunately in a case such as this, we have little choice but to remove that link. We can only assume that the posters in these cases did not see the XXX material, and as such are not given a strike.


So, please bear with us. If this happens to you please let us know. And, if you see a link or post disappear and you cannot understand why as there was absolutely nothing wrong with it - it is very likely that what you were seeing was completely different from what others saw. Unfortunately we have to go with the worst case in these rather than the best.


Thanks all.

White Fox

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