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Please Read. We need your help all!

White Fox

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Folks, the New Den will have soon have been "On the Go" for a year. And, you can help us by giving us some information here. We would like your constructive criticism.


We would like to know how we can improve the Den. How can we make it to be even more enjoyable for you. Remember, we want you to be honest here. We can take criticism. So feel free to let us know.


Would you like to see fewer forums? More forums? Other options? Different topics intigrated somehow? What can we do to make this a place that you enjoy even more.


Please do not say "Oh you are doing great!" if you don't think we are. Or if you can think of ways we can improve do not hesitate to tell us.


We really would like to know your thoughts. Each of you are almost like part of our family. So we would really like to know how to make this an even better home over the next year now that the initial phases of construction are done. Now we have that finished we just want to know how to fine tune things to make the Den even better.


We really hope to hear from you here! If you would feel better do not hesitate to give one of our staff a quick pm.


White Fox

On behalf of the Administrators and Moderators of the New Den.

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Go'on I'll kick it off then


Library of fur films/Tv Appearances with fur/Music vids with Fur which could be x-ref by language, by actress, by country, by outlet or whatever so you can search &/or easily add to the thread..... many have been started in the past but there still isn't a definitive workable list that encompasses all......?


We have some many nationalities that frequent here I'm sure by getting our heads together we can make this happen & build up a worldwide fur film library?

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Great idea. As you mention, it is simply how to sort those. It will take a lot of work as I seem to recall we have over 150 movies alone, but would simply take some indexing pages. One of our mods in that area can get in touch with you for ideas.



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First, I just would like to thank you all who are working with the Fur Den for all your work and for making this site such a lovely one!


Some constructive criticism though: I think the number of forums is a bit too many. I think that The help desk and the Information centre could merge into one forum concerning site information. Also, the few threads in Furriers corner could as well fit in in the normal Fur Den subforum.

These are the sub-forums that I find to be a bit unnecessary. They don't have that many threads in them and I the don't really need to have a sub-forum of their own. Too many sub-forums makes the whole forum difficult to navigate in, and actually harder to grasp than a forum with just three to five sub-forums. Less is more in my opinion.


Also, I think that the number of stickys and announcements are too many, especially in the "Fur Den" section. The best is to have one or two stickys and announcements, but not more than that. As it is now, the importance of the stickys and announcements gets a bit lost I think, especially since there at this time is three threads about the same topic (FrBrGr - although we all hope he'll get better soon I think one thread is enough). Also, I think that "List of furs", "How it all started" and those stickys could fit in to one locked sticky, with links to these and other often talked about topics.


I also have a bit of problems with cross-posting threads. For example, to put up a post in Fur Den with a reference to a post in the Information Zone. I can understand that most of the people only visit the Fur Den, and that you want them to read other threads as well, but I think that if you're really interested in the site you'll go there "on your own". If you're constantly cross posting to other sub-forums, why have them in the first place?

Also, most people are probably just interested in reading other posts about fur, and not really interested in other areas of the site.


That's my two swedish crowns in this matter. Fewer sub forums, less stickys and no cross posting. Small improvements on an otherwise perfect site!

I also would like to say that your latest sub-forum is a great one, and that I really look forward to the chat!

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It is really great to hear some of your suggestions on the site.


It is particularly interesting to hear your comments on the different forums as this is something that we have talked about. And it is so hard to know what members think. I hope that others here will give opinions on this here now.


I do want to answer one comment. Links are normally left as sticky or announcements here for two weeks.


The reason that the "How it all started", and "Love of Fur" threads had to be sticky was that they were moved from the old Favoarites Forum that no longer exists. Had we not made them sticky they would have been lost forever so no one would realize that they still existed. The minute someone posts there, they will be no longer sitcky as is the case with the "Fur collection" post. Or, if no replies they will be deleted in two weeks.


Since the card to BrGr came after the replies were started we needed a separate thread there. Unfortunately there is no way even for administrators to easily intigrate an already existing thread (replies) into a new one (the card). You are exactly right though that there are too many right now and we will get the number down as soon as we can.


****If you think that we should make the time limit shorter than two weeks for sticky threads please let us know. You will notice one that has been slightly longer. This was left as it was something giving many members problems.


The fact I have explained some things here does not mean we are not conisdering your thoughts. Indeed we will be considering them. First off, Thanks so much for the ideas. And secondly, I hope some members will reply here to bring these ideas forward.


White Fox

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