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Fur you see in the pub


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I split this one off. Thought your first thread that went way off topic was to good to loose. Anytime we ladies get compliments like that, we want it to continue.


You will find that thread now in Off-Topic.




So, back to the fur portion of the topic:


How often do you see ladies in fur in your local? My girlf always wears one to the local, and so far we have only had one adverse comment from a socialist hospital worker. She spent about ten minutes dressing him down and asked him if he was enjoying his pork pie, and what he did for animals when she has devoted her whole life to their care. He is always very pleasant to her now.

Has anyone been brave enough, or seen many brave enough, to wear fur to a local bar?


Can I also suggest having am evening where we all try it and see what happens? International wear your fur down the pub night .


Best regards TOS


ps go on then I'll have another for th road...make it a white russian. Hic

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Don't have a fur wearing girlfriend but I have lately routinely been wearing my fur lined jackets to the local Brew Pub, local restaurant for lunch food market and job sites. Pretty much everywhere.


I have a growing collection to wear for daily use now.


Thanks to The Fur Den's moral support and conversations over the past year or more I have gotten the confidence to do this.


Not one negative comment but quite a few positives from women and men.


Now for that fur wearing girlfirend!!!



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That would be a dream to walk in a pub in a big group with the ladies on the site all in fur and watch everyone drool!!!!!


We maybe should set up a big meet, a "FurBall" or something next year.

We'd have to meet somewhere in the middle of the US and Europe. Taking into account the far east of Europe, that works out at Ireland.

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A "FurBall" would certainly be awesome. Fox and I would be there for sure! Intially, when our wedding at Kaufman's was still just a thought, we imagined what it would be like to have our fur family there, all decked out! A members gathering is something the admins and mods should take a serious look at.

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EXCELLENT(a la Monty Burns),Ireland is the perfect place for the furball Everybody can stay in my house or at least leave their furs there

Imagine that ........a hundred or more peoplei n furs turning up at the front door .

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