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Worth every penny

Guest furelli

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Nice picture.

There's another nice when 2 clicks in.


Furelli, do you read whatever language that is?


Are those sales ads?


Or just model pictures?

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I know that we have had links from there often before. Is there a front page in English by chance? If so please post in the Links comments area (Now extremely simple to use) and the links guys can post it in the links area.


That would be a link we should indeed have. As I recall it is well within our CoC everywhere is it not?


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Very nice pic - even her non-fur photos are great! Thanks for sharing!




...I must confess, I doubt very many of those Russian women own, much less wear furs themselves. I caught an espisode of Bikini Destinations on HDNet that was shot in Moscow. The models would only refer to the furs, which they wore throughout the episode as 'theatrical coats'.

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there's a few s1m17 but the pics & pages rotate every few days so there not always up there, if there's any real decent ones I'll be sure to post mind, winter'll start to bite in Russia soon so hopefully they'll do a few more outdoor vids like last year for us


I wouldn't add the sites link if I were you WF, doubt it'll pass muster due to the site content.....


Think these ladies do own the furs flinfl, yet to see any duplicates & at the rates they charge I think they can afford a few furs to adorne themselves with

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