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White Fox

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Folks, in a very short time, we have a new "Comment Box" coming into use in the "Suggestions" Page of our Links area. You can just type there the same as here. It is in fact probably easier to post a link there than it is here when we add that box!


Now then. Let's just say that we beg of you to use it! PLEASE... If you find a link that is worth posting here, please post it there for the Links crew to see as well. Folks, these folks are just like you. They come here to use the site and have fun just like you. Not to do endless work. So we ask only two things.


#1. If you post a link that is good enough to post in the Den, then post it there as well if you think that it is worth saving.


#2. Each time you use a link in our links area, please let the Links team know a bit about it so they can post a very short description there. That way everyone will know just a little about the Links that they see.


Guys, and Gals - We can have the best Links page by far on the net if you will help us. And it only takes seconds to do it. So please help out our Links team. And indeed, you could find some fantastic web sites in that list, and help our guys out by letting them know about them if you would just explore our links area a bit. (Ebay sellers for instance do not generally need comments.) This comment box will be on shortly to allow you to post there easily.


Thanks in advance for your help! We really appreciate it!!!


Thanks all

White Fox

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