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Chinchilla and PETA


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Recently I launched for sale on Ebay a few Chinchilla's, available for custom order only. I received a couple of hate mails, all considering the chinchillas whil never they disturbed me about minks, lynx or other species.


Does anyone know why is that? I can't figure it out and it cannot a coincidence.

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Minks are far too dirty and disgusting to ever be pets from anything that I have heard from growers.


Foxes are unlikely to be pets due to their size and way of life.


Beavers will never be pets as they would "Chew their way out of house and home".


But chinchillas are often used as pets by people. So, I would think that is likely to be at least part of the story there.



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Make certain you state that the chinchilla is RANCHED chinchilla or eBay will remove your listing.


They drove me crazy for a long time. Mostly young kids who just love the feeling of power.


I am posting a link to a listing I have that contains a disclaimer of sorts. Has helped, I now ues it on any fur that I think they may target.


Good luck!




This is listing they had removed twice until I added the first paragraph at eBays suggestion.



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Hi Linda


Quite rightly, the wild chinchilla is protected.


It was hunted for fur for thousands of years by native peoples for fur yet still flourushed, as it did for most of the twentieth century. As usual, it WAS NOT the fur trade which has made it endangered but habitat destruction....often by intensive arable farmng to keep the West's vegans supplied with cheap food.


So yes, wild chichilla is protected UNLESS approved by CITES....native peoples should I beleive still have the right to hunt them so wild chinchilla pelts generally would come from that.


However 99.99999% of chinchilla is of course ranched in very humane conditions....FAR more humane than the ey are kept as pets.


here is an extract form the Argentina breeders page:




You can see to waht lenghts they go to raise Chinchilla in good conditions. If you look around that site...or any of the chinchilla ranch sites...you will see a similar story. Chinchilla are still bred for competition for showing aswell as fur and good husbandry is strong.


Argentina USED to have a thriving chinchilla fur, nutria fur/meat and cattle for leather/beef economy. It was an animal dependant economy which gave sanctuary for a thriving eco system; and pressure from the WEST especially gm bio tech companies in alliance with global industries persuaded Argentine farmers to switch to SOYA. The result has been devastating. The crops drain the soil of nutrients and leave it barren. So the farmers cut into the rainforest. Huge amounts of rainforest vanish every DAY because of F*****g TOFU and soya milk.


So next time you have aggro from a PETAphile tell him to stick his soya milk up his ass because the biodivesity of the whole Argentibne rainforest is under threat because of them.




I have ben screaming about this for 4 years and only NOW are Greenpeace suddenly getting involved. Well it is about time greenpeace CONDEMNED vegans for causing the problem in the first place. Oh yes, they will try to tell you that it is all fed to EEC cattle. Indeed, a high percntegae of it is. BUT ONLY because the anticipated demand for it didn't come....not even the world's starving wanted it. Ironically, with the fur revival and beef shortage, Argentina could have been a wealthy nation now. Instead they have been betrayed by global food giants and bio tech companies and the animal rights movement. And anyway still the most lucrative part of the crop is SOYA milk for vegans.

Yes...milk for vegans...stained with the blood of the mighty and now threatened Jaguar who survived hundreds of years of being hunted for his pelt without problem.


So copy and paste that Linda and tell them to hide their heads in shame.

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too late





Dear mailonfurs,




We appreciate that you chose eBay to list the following Fixed Price listing(s):


190051589248 - Custom made New Chinchilla Fur coat -made just for you



However, your Fixed Price listing(s) breaches eBay's Animals, Plants and Wildlife policy and has been removed. In accordance with our User Agreement, items prohibited by law or by eBay policy are not allowed on eBay. All fees related to this listing have been credited to your account. We also notified members who placed bids on the item that the listing has

been canceled.




To help conserve native and endangered species, the sale of animals and their parts is subject to a range of UK legislation. Our site policies apply to the listing of animal and wildlife items on eBay.co.uk to help members abide by the law and protect wildlife.


Generally, such items may be listed on eBay, subject to the below mentioned limitations:

- No animal or part of an animal of a species listed in Schedule 5 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act may be listed on eBay unless the seller can produce documentary evidence confirming that they have not been taken from the wild illegally. A list of species on Schedule 5 can be found at: http://www.jncc.gov.uk/species/Legislation/protect/animals.htm.


- No animal or part of an animal of a species listed on Annex A of the EU Wildlife Trade Regulations may be sold on eBay unless accompanied by an Article 10 certificate as issued by the UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra). More information on the species listed in the Annexes can be found at: http://www.ukcites.gov.uk/intro/cites_species.htm#EC Regulation Annexes.




haha that's a new to me!

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When they tried pulling my chinchilla all I had to do was prove they were ranched from the manufacturer.


Also, anytime you list on UK site they will cause you problems. Make up a tag, photograph it, add it to the listing with a disclaimer.



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