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How do you view fur?

Mr Barguzin

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I know..... ocularly ...... Shessssssh give me a break.


I mean.... as a sex object or as a fashion object or as both; as an addition to, or excepted or accepted part of, your lifestyle.


Does it only work when worn by the opposite sex or are same sex wearers equally appealing? Or do you get a twinge of loathing for the wearer.... as in see that jolly green furry giant, Jealousy? (Of course. All furs would look much better if worn by me, and me alone!!! So There!!!)


Is your bed buried under a pile of furs? Or do you just dream of that day? Or Not? Fur throws abound in your abode, or not..... yet? You will never have enough fur, or am reaching that point of satiation?


What part does fur play in your life? Integral or mere 'plaything'?


Just what is it about fur that gives it that "IT" factor to you?


And now I know why I couldn't make this into a poll LMAO.


All answers to these and any additional thoughts you may have percolating through your grey matter greatly appreciated.



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I am interested in women wearing it because I think it is beautiful. The success of the wearer also makes her more desirable for mating as she must have superior genes to obtain it OR I have for obtaining it for her.


It is the sign of the succesful hunter.


It is also the ultimate appreciation of and bond with nature. It is valued and worn with pride. The spirit of the animlas remains conserving energy for many years. So it is spiritual aswell as sexual for me. That is inseperable.


The more couture its design, the more care and value placed on it. So though I can't afford couture pieces often they are the ones I would strive for.


Fur on me or other men or the bed is okay...I like it...again I feel a bond with nature... but doesn't have a sexual attraction. But hey we are all different.

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Great questions!


Fur is a huge part of my life as a desirable luxury, fashion item and source of sexual excitement and pleasure. There is nothing more beautiful and sensual than an attractive woman wearing a fur. I man in fur holds no interest for me.


On the other hand, I also enjoy wearing furs, although mine are all fur-lined coats and jackets. I have designed numerous furs for my wife and myself over the years. This is a great deal of fun.


Fur at home consists of a few favorite toys tucked around the bed. During the winter we use older sheared beaver coats as extra blankets.


Without question, fur is also a major part of my sex life with my wife. She dresses beautifully in her furs, which she knows drives me crazy with desire whenever we are out together. I am very fortunate that she indulgences me with the pleasure that I love so often.


I am not sure if this covers all of your questions, but it should give everyone a fairly good picture of how I feel about fur and the role fur plays in my life.


sf fur

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Seeing a pretty girl in furs (or on the rare occasion, simply the fur itself) is like being reduced to a child again. I become hyper aware of what I am saying, I get nervous, sometimes I stutter a bit, and I shy away from the woman when she gets near to me though there is really nothing that I want more than to touch her or speak to her.


Should she acknowledge my presence, I can't shut up. Should she touch me or speak to me, I can't say a word. On the rare occasion that she has a request for me, I follow it through as quickly as I can hoping to put a bit of distance between herself and myself so I can gape at her unseen.


When the girl in fur is with me, sexually, I become hyper aware of every little thing I do. If she shifts, I freak out. If she sits up, I damn near fall flat on my cakes. If she says harder, more, or keep going, I go for all I am worth, and if she says stop, I cringe and want to blow away like dust.


I am not spiritual, I do not attribute anything super or hyper normal on the woman, the coat, or any combination of the two but to me, a woman in fur is a different woman, though. My (now ex-) girlfriend wore them time and time again and it never got old and my reaction never changed.


One could argue that the power was in the furs but I disagree. I think it is something deeply ingrained into me personally coded into whatever it is that passes for functioning in my mind/body. Furs are the hidden code for me to shut up and get turned on.

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