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youtube video, diserves an own topic


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VVVWEG...... was it my imagination, or did she look bored about three quarters through the clip?


And just ONE silver fox??? Sheeeeeeeesssssshhhhhh Girl....


Nice clip though.



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anyone who can translate this?



Sara May oszalała na punkcie futer.


Od kilku tygodni wokalistka rozglądała się za futrem. Podobno polska J.Lo ma już całą kolekcję

futer, a ciągle jej mało. Futra to ulubiona część mojej garderoby(poza biżuterią)m

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On point of fur crazy < go mad > Sara May. Vocalist has been given from several weeks behind fur. Has supposedly polish < poland > already equal to collection fur J.Lo but she says still not enough (little) gle. It says furs favorite affectation in my wardrobe Sara and I do not reckon in this problem with money. Price does not play role. Yesterday she has tried on all furs that be in one of salon available almost exclusively to Sara May, but that it is known from it, that it is fastidious and when it does not please that kinked nose

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