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Why did you become a member?

Mr Barguzin

Why did you Join the Fur Den?  

37 members have voted

  1. 1. Why did you Join the Fur Den?

    • Was a member at Melody and just transferred over?
    • Was a lurker at Melody and decided to announce myself to the crowd?
    • Total newbie who had just discovered fur?
    • Member at another site and decided to check this one out?
    • A Lurker forced down from the ceiling when the Pic Gallery came online?
    • Saw a topic and just HAD to say something..... and yes, it is my only post to date.
    • I just did, that's all.

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It may seem like a weird question, and quite probably is, but you know what they say about oldies.... 'we just gets curious.'


So....let's see if we can set a record for the number of answers/votes in a poll *grin*

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Prioblem is that doesn't explain why we joined Melody.

I was introduced by Mr mockle. I jpined because I thought it was curious.

For me I think an attraction to women in furs is normal. Furs in isolation are beautiful but not sexy for me. I think most mean and women if they are honest like furs on women.

I think it has become fetishistic because many of us are noticing that furs in real life are dissappearing and therefore we need mustual support . A guy and his wife the other day said yo us that it was really sad that they were disappearing as they missed them, but now his wife only wore them in the bedroom. I don't think they would describe themselves as fetishists though....its as normal as stockings or high heels to most people. That is why they are gradually being rediscovered.

The smoking fetish is the same. years ago in movies and real life smoking was considered vamply; sexy. Now it is not pc and started to dissappear a huge online community has sprung up to celebrate it, and again smoking rates are soaring.

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I already was a member @ melody. I joined there somewhere in the period I had an internet connection for the first time, did a search on the internet for fur and stumbled upon Melody. Joined there, posted something so now and then but mostly read topics and watched photo's

Nothing changed for me I think.. still watching the gallery and posting so now and then

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