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We need help from our French Friends

White Fox

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We need some help here from our French Friends.


Now that the old Fur Marketplace Forum has become a part of Melody's history, we have turned our attention to a much more difficult job. That of the Stories forum.

In that forum there are a fair number of stories by our French friends. We may have trouble finding a home for those on the English sites, and indeed no french folk could find them there even those forums should post them.


I am wondering if any of our French members here know of a site that has fur stories in French. Or a site that might be interested in making a place for them.


If you have any ideas, please give me a quick pm. I reallly hate to think that someone's work might not find a home here where the proper folks will view it.

Hope you can help.


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You can post stories in different languages in Ltierotica.


The French folks [or any other language] would just need direction via this Forum to that location like in the Links.


Just need someone to edit and support them.



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