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Question Re: Coyote bed throw


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Would anyone like to give me their thoughts on Coyote as a bed throw?


I know it is a bit coarse, but as fur goes, it looks great and seems to be quite reasonably priced. I reckon it would make bed time quite inviting and is cheaper than fox. I'm quite tempted to buy one.


Any comments would be appreciated

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I wold think coyote is a great alternative if cost is an issue and you just can't hold out for fox.


It's still warm and it's still going to make you rush off to bed every night.

And besides, if you don't like it you can always send it my way.

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I'm having one made by a local qoman and the pelts she has already stretched and preped certainly are soft enough.


I had originally gotten two large Coyote coats to make it from since she has done that sort of thing in the past but she talked me into a new peld spread. I don't think 'll be disappointed.


I'm making pillows from the Coyote coats and possibly an "arty" nixed fur spread with its remnants plus a whole bunch of pieced Fox coats and jackets from white through gray and red all the way to black. Fur both sides. Kind of create it as I go.


It's something I was inspired to do by another woman I know how does tratitional crafts and "arty" quilts [non-fur] for Galleries and on commission. I have been thinking long on a furry version. Lots of lumps and irregular edges and the such.


Coyote is certianly more rugged than Fox though "spikkey". I like its qualities. It certainly has a great deal of body that many other furs lack while still maintaining a certain softness.




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In our Bear Den there are some Bears that are for show and some that are for hugging and snuggling. Of course, the "snuggle" Bears get more wear than the "show" bears.


In the subset of "snuggle" Bears, there are some with longer or shorter or finer or courser fur. The Bears with finer, longer fur do tend to get matted down sooner and start looking disheveled faster. On the opposite end of that scale, Bears with shorter, courser fur will withstand more snuggling before they need attention.


Since most Bears are made from plush instead of fur, it's a lot easier to give them a careful bath (surface wash) and brush their fur back to its original state. With a pelt you can only "spot clean" and "fluff" the fur. If it gets matted it will be a lot more difficult to restore to its original lustre.


That having been said, coyote fur, being courser in texture, would better withstand the wear of daily use as a blanket, in my estimation. Overall, I would prefer a fur that withstands use better. Up to a point, I wouldn't worry if coyote fur is courser or more wirey. It's a trade-off I'd be willing to make.


Further, I usually wear a T-Shirt and skivvies to bed. I would still be able to enjoy snuggling up in a fur blanket but the courser texture would go unnoticed. Besides, if you want to have "softy-softy" when you sleep, you could always use a soft, fur pillow or keep a smaller piece of fur that has a finer, softer texture near your face... or wherever else on your body that you feel the need for "softy-softy".


Personally, I like the look of coyote bedspreads. As soon as I get the opportunity, I'd love to have one to snuggle up in at night.

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I don't know... I'm on my second coyote coat (so to speak ). I just don't find coyote to be that durable - especially if you intend to use it daily.



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I don't think any fur is durable enough to hold up under daily wearing and use.


I have several jackets for daily wear for that reason and I'll be getting more.


Also I have one pieced Fox [flanks] spread I use daily and while it is holding up rather well I can tell it wouldn't last much longer without one or more alternates.


Like wearing one pair of shoes. You'd better spend a lot of money on them.





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Thanks worker and all.

I agree, coyote does look great as a bed spread, but still cant decide about the coarseness.


The alternative I'm tempted by is New Zealand Possum (Quite a few NZ companies on the web selling them, have a look). I have a pillow of this, it's very soft, and seems to be quite hard wearing, no nap, fur strokes in any direction, maybe that makes it harder wearing. But certainly soft


Also perhaps doing NZ a favour as it seems possums are running rampant since being introduced and are devastating the natural fauna and flora, completely changing the ecology.


A question for you Worker.

Psychologiocal study to compare with Humans. Do you find your "snuggle" bears are more emoptionally stable than your "show" bears due to the extra human contact and attention? Have you ever taken a look at which bears are the ones that tend to run amok, stealing cookies, hogging the TV etc. Wouldn't surpruse me if the show bears prevail at this, or do you not even let them out of their showcases!


Sorry, this thread is predominantly about fur spreads, so maybe answer me in the Pub

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Qpossum is actually "wooly" compared to any other fur. It even smells like wet wool when it gets damp. I have an Opossum house coat and it's certainly very warm but it isn't very "furry" after a short while though it holds up quite well.


In this respect there is no contest between Coyote and Opossum. Coyote wins hands down [or deep in the fur]. The coarsness of Coyote has been over done I fear, only in comparison to the softest of furs. For instance I would prefer Coyote to Racoon any day. It is all relative but not so much in the case of Opossum.


I'll take my new Coyote spread to go with my Fox spread any day to Opossum.


This is totally a furry subject.




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Ravens8" We've made a number of new skin coyote blankets for customers and have found that, if done right, they are stunning to look at, super warm and very soft to touch. What one has to remember as with any fur, the quality of the skins really is a major factor in softness and durability.


We made one for ourselves for the bed and slept with it for a few months until a customer saw it and had to have that very one that day.


If you get good skins with fine color, and then match the skins for even color throughout the blanket, I think you will find that you LOVE the coyote.


My avatar is a natural Maine coyote skin coat that we made as a prize for the Miss Maine Beauty pageant


All best,


Tsarevich Furs


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Do you find your "snuggle" bears are more emoptionally stable than your "show" bears due to the extra human contact and attention?


Show Bears tend to be a little bit more quiet and reserved. But most Bears are migratory. For instance, the Halloween Bears are just getting ready to go back to their den and the Thanksgiving Bears will take their places. Soon, the Christmas Bears will come out of hibernation. Let me tell you! That's when all fur breaks loose around the house!


There are a few known troublemakers around the house but there are just as many quiet ones. But that doesn't mean that any of them don't occasionally raid the cookie jar.


...or do you not even let them out of their showcases!


SHOWCASE?! Why would you want to put an innocent Bear in jail?!

Harumph! Showcase, indeed!... disgust


Okay... back to the topic sentence.


Bears with shorter fur hold up to snuggling better. Longer-furred Bears, although softer to touch, need more cleaning and brushing to keep them soft after use. We are conscientous about having clean hands when touching Bears but, there's always the concern about minute amouts of body oil, perspiration and soil when Bears are snuggled more often.


Our most-snuggled Bear has shorter, slightly courser fur than most but we think that's okay because he sees more action. We're willing to give up some "softy" for durability.


I'd like to put some different samples of real fur to a side-by-side test to see how they hold up.

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