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Essay paper


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Even the college students *I* know wouldn't turn a paper like that in!


The ONLY explanation I can think of would be that some idiot talked one of his classmates into writing paper for him and that person screwed him on purpose.


No, I just can't imagine - even in high school - that anybody would turn in a paper like that with a straight face!

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I would die off laughter if I were the teacher.


Then I would invest extra time in this student, and focus all available resources at my disposal to get him through the course.


As a Teacher should.

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Hey... at least it was written in English (sorta) amd MOT in text message style.... which certain folk in NZ actually believe will be of benefit of the youngsters, since English is an expanding language and who to say that 'u', 'ur' etc AREN'T correct.



UMM Educated adults fur one.

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Seems to me that it's a somewhat obvious fake, but if it's not...it's a pity.


I wouldn't have bothered to grade the paper if I were a teacher and one of my students turned it in. The student who turned it in could be assured a meeting with his parents, the principal and his paper and as far as I was concerned he could consider himself washed out of my class.


These days we try our damnedest as a society to see to it that everyone "makes it." One problem student gets the attention while the promising students are forced to go at it alone. This is regrettable.


It's also why I don't find this joke to be too humorous. Then again it's one o'clock in the morning right now, and I'm grouchy and tired. Come tomorrow, I'll probably find it to be funnier.

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