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Copyright/wrong Law

Mr Barguzin

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The following is from an email I receive daily... and refers to Australian Law, but nevertheless still makes interesting (and scary) reading.


Crikey Says


8. We

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OK we agree these laws are kind of bad for the interest of most of us common (and uncommon people). However I do not think these laws are applicable to any country and maybe they will never will....

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Grayzone.com, is IMO, the leading place on the net for information about Copyrights and "bootlegging".


Please read: http://www.grayzone.com/copyfaq.htm for a reasonably short yet reasonably comprehensive overview of the topic.


Take a look around their website to see how "active" (not saying they have or have not been "active" - I'll leave that for the judgement of each reader) they've been.



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