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A moment of calm.


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As I recieve e-mail after e-mail about the U.S. Election results (anyone from Virginia here...?), the verdict in Baghdad, the Rome Metro, and yes, Britney Spears' divorce, I decided to take a few moments to put together a few images from my travels around Italy.




I tend not to favor "perfectly edited" photo panoramas, but I did do a "seamless" verson of this image to print in large-format poster form.


I'll post more photo links when I can; ciao, and...don't overload yourself with the news media this week. It can be hazardous to your health.



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Mr. B, that's why I posted this in the Pub...*wink*


But that gives me an idea...I'm headed to Venice for a conference and a bit of vacation next week...if the weather holds, I'll try to pick a fur-filled spot (possibly Piazza San Marco) to panorama.



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The blue car, just left of centre on the white road. can't you guys see her?!! The driver is wearing a beautifull lynx coat. Cant quite make out if it is full length because she's sitting down, maybe 3/4 length!

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more to come...


assisi again, looking in the other direction toward the "modern" town. heavily photoshopped.





the first photo i took upon arrival in rome, quickly cobbled together and e-mailed to everyone back home. E, o graphics guru extraordinaire, i don't plan to photoshop this one, but you're welcome to have your way with it if you want.





a recent view from my window on piazza navona.






a recent flea market find. that's real chinchilla, folks. jury's still out on the shaggy pinkish creature on the left.






about a month ago, i returned from a weekend trip to find Bernini's Fontana Dei Quattro Fiumi (fountain of the four rivers) fenced in. a couple of days later, they delivered a porta-potty and drained the water. three weeks later...



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Like your title says for this topic... "a little calm".... gotta getta the crappa righta firsta.


(mit apologies to Italians everywhere)

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