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Maggie Rizer supermodel in furs

Guest touchofsable

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Maybe it's her eyes... maybe it's her expressions... but I just don't find her attractive. Some nice furs though... No accounting for taste I guess!



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She's what they use to call "plain" as in Plain Jane. Many models are like that. They rarely have strong personal features.


A few truly great ones do like Cindy Crawford.





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Yes that is waht i thought...but I don't like that natural beauty (she is beautiful) because I don't find it sexy.

Somehow when I was looking through I couldn't imagine her being a smoker. She doesn't look "bad" enough. So I think it can be a question of attitude. She has a serene charm but it isn't sexy.

yes cyndi crawford actually rarely smokes...but she just looks like she would....looks amazing in pics where she is....and looks the ultimates vamp to me. With this girl, she looks too girl next door or kid sister/daughter material.


But I do like the first shot where she is sat with the other girl in sable.


Again re the fetish poll. There is something materialising here with the non pure fur fetishists among us.....something that suggests it is not just about fur. And maggie rizer, you can put her in gorgeous furs and she is beautiful...but she doesn't do it, does she?

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Nice find TOS.


She's not the sexiest I've see, but there is something about that first pic that grabs me.


Side note: I was going thhru some stuff in the archives and came across some smoking pics. I'll try and find them again and link to them for you.

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