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Fur quotes


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Not sure if this should be in the Pub or Den. It seems a bit flippant for the Den, but here goes.


Anyone come across any good/amusing fur related quotes. Here's a couple I found to start you off


People are more violently opposed to fur than leather because it's safer to harass rich women than motorcycle gangs.

Alexei Sayle


And Mary J. Blige, she's got all these fur coats and hats and stuff. She's good; I like her.

Bryan Ferry


I just think you would never kill and cut up a human to wear so why do it to animals? I just think it's horrible, I would never wear fur, although I guess if it was a really vintage piece you might just get away with it.

Kelly Osbourne


I find Kelly Osbourne's logic very strange

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these are really nice. Would be interesting to find some more.

Maybe it would be easy to find if there was a quotes website with an internal search engine, to type the word "fur" and see the results...


Kelly Osbourne (which I do not know) is probably really stupid.

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Marylin Monroe sings "Diamonds are a girls best friend" while wearing white mink


The movies "That Touch of Mink" and "Make Mine Mink" is full of great fur lines.





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This is a great topic. Indeed it IS on topic here! And it is exactly the type of material that will go well in the Library. If it stays here a month later probably no one will find it again. Put it in the Library and it will be easily available always instantly.


Let's just leave it here til we get the main discussions done though.



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Thanks guys


Here's another one I found from Google


"The English have loudly and openly told the world that ski and dogs are unusable in these regions and that fur clothes are rubish. We will see - we will see."

Roald Amundsen


(As you probably all know, Amundsen beat Scott to the South Pole, in fact Scott and his team sadly but heroically died on their way back)


There must be more out there.

Of course they dont have to necessarily come from famous people. Friends, family, partners? anyone may have said something that could go down as a classic quote.


One of my favourites (which I've posted before once) was from one of my first girlfriends. She had a lovely coney fur coat. one time she snuggled into the collar and said


"Hmmm There's definately something about fur.....It's knowing what it can do!"


How do you answer that one? I think I blushed!

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From and episode of Daria--"Lucky Strike"


Quinn - So you'll do it?

Daria - Right after I change into my fur bikini. (Tom smiles at this)


Tom - Hmm, maybe you should make it easy. Give the poor kids a break.

Daria - I lied about the fur bikini.

Tom - (fake anger) Damn!

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