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Kaufman Furs - question


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Click on the image you want to magnify so that it is the only image showing in the browser, then right click it and select "Copy image adress" or "Image properties" to get the direct url. It depends on what kind of browser you are using.


The link will then look like this:




All you have to do is edit out the "normal_" part of the url


and voila,




You got the big pic

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I also noticed that in the "alt text" it sometimes shows the dimensions of the larger image, but if you go to the album area, it doesn't actually result in any image being generated.... *sigh* unless mt firewall and FF2 are being tooooooo overly protective.

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Mr. B;


If you have Firefox you need to right click on "View Image" which will bring up the isolated image with its full file "name" then wipe out [ normal_ ] and click up the enlargement.


Not all their pictures will enlarge.





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