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A new idea

White Fox

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I was just looking at the pole going on just now in the PUB and realized how many here are locked onto Esbardu without knowing it.


Folks, do you hate that dark green on our site? Do you hate the print style, or the colours. Did you know that you can INSTANTLY change all of that. The first time you change it, it will take you about 90 seconds. After that each time you change it will take about half that.


If you look at the FAQ at "Styles" it gives you the directions. Instantly you can make the site look very much like the old Melody by clicking on Esbardu. Even the whole layout of the site changes instantly! If you click on Aluminoid, it will look similar but in a more "Modern Silver" look.


I would challenge everyone here to try this if you have not. This is one of the most Astonishing parts of The New Den. And I suddenly realized how many here are missing it totally. If you do not want to read another word of FAQ, you should try this as it is totally amazing. It still astonishes me every time I do it.


I know that it is within the personality of everyone to resist changing that. But.... if you try, we could send you the first hair for at new fox coat you have always wanted. So you are on your way!


You cannot resist that now can you?


White Fox

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