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100th post

Mr Barguzin

Why do you come to The Fur Den?  

20 members have voted

  1. 1. Why do you come to The Fur Den?

    • Because I was a member of Melody and it seemed the natural thing to do.
    • I like to lurk in the background
    • I like to continue my participation in any way I can
    • Melody and by extension The Fur Den are now a steadying influence in my life
    • I don't want to lose contact with friends I have made here and at Melody
    • I dunno.. It just seems right
    • Never been a member or lurked before, but seems like a good time to join
    • I want to be the first person to break 3000 Posts
    • All of the above
    • None of the above (please Specify reason)

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So, what should be the topic or action of my 100th post? A banal reply to some non-contentious issue? Or should I throw a cat amongst the pigeons and watch the feathers fly.


I likes the latter better WEG.


But just how far do I want to go. hmmmmmmmmm. Certainly not THAT far... but then again... it would be fun *grin*.


Of the 14 Polls that were carried out at MElody (which I was able to find), there were 610 responses; the largest response being 112, the least 6, the average 43 and believe it or not, the one with the most responses did NOT get the largest view tally. That actually went to a poll with just 37 votes and yet 1747 views.


But what this little summary does show is that the topic of the poll can decide just how many folks want to look and see what is being polled. But on the whole, most members are slackers when it comes to expressing an opinion, so that really doesn't matter WEG.


So that is the "potted" history behind this poll question.

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The Fur Den is a funny place; multi-faceted, open, closed, histrionic, compassionate, friendly, myoptic, chauvenistic and yet feminine at the same time. Above all it is a family. Not a substitute for the genetic variety, but in the sense that the Mafia is/was a family, but without the overbearing tactics. It can appear to be multi-cliqued, but there are also those groupings with real familes. There is order and structure (of a sorts), rules and regulations are in place and enforced (albeit slackly at times). But as a family it is also multi-cultural with family members from all parts of the planet.


There are Cannucks, Yanks, Poms. Italians, Russians, Greeks, Aussies, South Africans, Kiwis, and Poles (and that's just a cross-section of Yank Members *grin*)


Their reasons for joining are not the same, but their inclusion is: FUR and the association with it. It matters not whether a fur is owned or not, nor if the owned fur is real or faux. For it is that fur piece and the association with fur that draws us all together.


One can admire a fur for itself, or the association with a lady (or man), or wear furs, or imagine wearing seen furs, or imagine making love to the wearer of that desired fur. One can imagine being wrapped in a multitude of furs with one's partner or by ones self and one can openly express one's admiration for whatever it is that others show to you or express to you.


So, that is why I am a member of the Fur Den. I like fur. I like to share that love and appreciation with others and to see others doing the same. I like the interaction between myself and others, finding out about what makes fellow fur lovers tick. I won't reply to every post, but that doesn't mean I haven't read it and either concurred or disagreed. There are times when I just like to sit back and let others have a say because I am not a fur Evangelist but just an ordinary bloke who has the good fortune to be attracted to the sexiest natural fibre that there is. And the Fur den allows me to express those feelings to similarly minded members... and you lurkers (guests) as well WEG

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My reason is for solidarity in the war. And to have soft respite from it.


For make no mistake...a war it is.


The future of animal life on this planet depends on us winning it.

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Here, Here Mr. B. That's a fine post!


I'll put in my two cents here. I enjoy fur for a few different reasons.


I absolutely love seeing a beautiful woman wearing her fur coat or jacket and witnessing the way she carries herself. In nearly an instant, you can tell the gratification and sheer enjoyment she gets from wearing her fur. To be so cliche', it is literally poetry in motion. When a woman wears her fur, be it fox, sable, mink, lynx, chinchilla or whatever her fancy may be, you can see in her, charisma, strength, courage, beauty, passion, and a world of others as well. The lady is her own ambience.


The second is simply the feel, the softness, the touch, and such a huge variety of textures to tickle the tactile senses. The feel of a fur is enough to make any of us weak in the knees. To experience the feel of this and still be utterly against it is humanly impossible.


Lastly, fur goes great with a significant other.

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Literally stumbled in here looking for pictures of fur on the 'net. The place seemed warm and cozy so I stopped in to look around. So far, I like what I'm seeing!


I think I'll stick around for a while if you all don't mind having me around.


I do have a couple of goals while I'm here. It's a bit too soon to jump right in with both feet and start asking questions but when/if the time is right, I'll ask about them.


I do have a bit of a dark side. It's nothing seriously bad. There are just a few issues that make me feel depressed sometimes. This time of year has an especially negative effect on my emotions. I don't want to talk about it yet. I don't want to be the "wet blanket". Maybe I'll talk about it, some day. Maybe not at all. We'll see how it goes.

(Sometimes it helps to discuss problems anonymously.)


But, when I'm feeling a bit unhappy, it's nice to come in here and curl up in a nice warm virtual fur. It kinda' helps me settle myself so I can face the rest of my day with a little less stress.


I notice most people have user names with fur puns in them. I'm sorry I'm not so creative but "Worker 11811" has a meaning. Ask me and I'll tell you.

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I came to the fur den because i love fur


I am not obsessed with it, i don't care either way in as much a i don't think there is a fight with the likes of Peta. I don't wear fur anymore, but i do smoke. If anyone started to rant at me that smoking is evil, immoral or antisocial i would just ignore them. People who wear fur should have the same attitude. It is most likely that people would not say anything anyway.


I would like to finish by again saying we should all be tolerant; some non-smoking fur wearers think smoking is disgusting, that is what Peta think of fur wearing. Fur wearers who knock smokers - what can i say?

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I found this forum quite by chance... a person contacted me in email, as a possible slave I thought at the time, then posted my reply here. Curiosity got to the better of me, as I had someone else email me about a post they thought I had made. When I looked about, I decided to join and post for myself, so that I didn't have someone else speaking for me, as it were. I quickly felt at home and have become more involved than I thought I would have.


As things have progressed, I am more of a political mind these days than ever before; on that note, I am with touchofsable in that we who have this passion for fur need to speak up for it. So many rights are being restricted, that it has to stop somewhere, and I am willing to be one that speaks loud and clear. I will do what I can to help this effort, and that is why I wrote the little introductory letter (I will add to the thread on that with a thought from another member for all to consider) for celebs and people with influence.

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