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Been away from all of you fine folk for toooooooo long :(


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Up until now it's been summer, and I have been waiting on some things with my father as he is having medical stuff done.


I had a rough summer last year, and didn't want to share what I've been through cause it was touchy yet. I lost my mom, and two uncles last year, and it all just threw me for a major loop. I didn't get to enjoy the summer experience I wanted to, so I took the liberty of doing such as this summer.


I have some major catching up to do here, and some stuff that is still going on with my father, and some stuff to do for the site.


With the weather getting colder here, and remembering these sweet people here at the den, my heart grew warm. I began having furry dreams and feeling the warmth that I have felt from family, friends, and fur friends!


So to all of you...


I'm back and am looking forward to another furry filled year, re-newed aquaintances, and friendships



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I wish you the very best. Last year was that kind of year for me. It is very hard to explain what happens to you when you go through this.


Take care and welcome back.



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