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Am i the only one....


Would you enjoy seeing Female video game Characters in furs?  

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  1. 1. Would you enjoy seeing Female video game Characters in furs?

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    • No
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I was just wondering if anybody else on the furden would be interested in Fakes of Video Game characters in furs? If interested we should make a list of characters who should be faked.

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For me, sense the only game I play is the House of the Dead series, zombie women in furs just dont work out to well.

But I could see someone might wanting the video game lara croft or the Justice Wonder Woman in fur

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To me the ONLY benefit of gaming in high definition would be that a fur coat/cape/wrap would look even better. Yet since that seems to be an unlikely thing game developers will do, I'm waiting HD out.

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Hi all,


You know... it doesn't have to be so much an outright 'game-like' scenario, but how about an interactive storyline around fur, fur wear, fur fetishism, or just furry whatever?


I know that no one will probably market anything quite like that, because there wouldn't be any money to be made in it. Or, maybe there would be! I guess, but why not having super gorgeous gals decked out in furs all the time and guys too for that matter darting about in fur all the time (for the gals). Heck, lets call it Fur World or some other cheesy scenario, and make the 'game' interactive in such a way that different women could be picked or interchanged along with their wardrobes and even their furry little desires... maybe some like it hot, and maybe some don't, right?


It think it would be interesting having some fur action scenes, furry love scenes, and even a fur interaction game featuring a full triple XXX version with nothing but furry good fetish times with perhaps some fur bondage, smoking scenes for those who like that, or whatever. Why should we be bound by limits here?


Too bad there isn't anything really like this out there... yet. The best of it is, no actual person' has to act out for this thing and be paid for it (except for maybe voice dub overs), and no one gets upset because it's just 'virtual' after all.


I am sure there are those who might think this is all off the wall or weird or something. But one look at all the other virtual games out there that do nothing but insight bloodshed all the time is just plain sick to me, so what would be wrong with a good fur story or fur fetish scenario for those of us who want such a thing?



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