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New Dorcel movie with fur scene.


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Looks good.


http://www.dorcelshop.com/ Link terminated due to minor infraction of CoC (The pages finally loaded for me) Do a search at this site for the film titled "COCKAINE"


Yes, It DOES feature one(very good quality) Silver fox coat and possibly another fox piece in just one of the six scenes. It is basically a lesbian movie, but the coat appears to remain on the model for quite a time, acording to the pics i have seen.

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Photo's from the DVD - Warning some female breasts are shown.




Again, a breech of CoC. Click on above link, then scroll down to bottom of page and in lower left corner you'll see an "X".... click thereon.... say yes (if you are old enough) and on the top left (at least when I did this) you'll see a list of Marc Dorsel films that have images there



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Only if PETA get control of the planet.


Remember, Server is in US... and therefore a little more open to intraspection than in Europe.... but probably the same as in Australia.... *big sigh*


Oh, and it isn't just images, but also text that falls under the CoC.

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Folks remember too as we have often mentioned that you can email or pm the poster to give you the URL. It is just that we cannot post those here.


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