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Killing time

Mr Barguzin

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and searching the net produced the following links:


From the Forties


Fox and Lynx


Silver fox


"Crystal" fox


What eBay says:

The word fur refers to the body hair of animals and is divided into two layers, which is known as ground hair, and guard hair. The ground hair is the layer at the bottom that is made up of wool hairs that are short, flat, curly, and dense. The guard hair is usually the top layer that is made of longer hair. One of the most popular uses of fur is fur clothing. Fur clothing is considered one of the most popular apparel in fashion, and is considered a luxury item.


Fur clothing has been in use, since ancient times. In ancient times, it was used as a protection from the cold weather, and places such as Russia, Japan, and Scandinavia, it is considered to be traditional attire. Today, fur clothing in most places is worn because it is a part of the fashion trends. Animals that are usually used to make these fur clothing are wolf, mink, coyote, fox, rabbit, etc. Some of the animals such as fox, mink, etc. are farmed, and then killed to obtain the fur. Many wild animals are hunted to obtain fur. The fur is obtained from the animal pelts, which has hair left on the processed skin of the animal.


Fox fur clothing is very popular among the fashion conscious people. A variety of items such as jackets, coats, coat trimmings, wraps, scarves, shawls, etc are available. The fox fur can be dyed using different colors to make them look as attractive, and colorful as possible. Faux fur is an alternative to the real fur, as this it is created by synthetic furs, and it actually resembles the authentic fur.




Blue fox




And as you can see the above link won't come in.... sooooo C&P it to your location bar.


And finally...... do you remember the auction of some of Cher's possessions? Well, here is the final list and if you have time, you can figure out how much she cleared.


Cher's money spinner

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