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Show us your Jack O'Lanterns!

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Show us your Jack O'Lanterns!


Since it is the night before Halloween, you should all be carving your Jack O'Lanterns by now.


Show us!


>> Click HERE for a Happy Halloween! <<


And, in case you didn't know, Halloween is also International Magic Day!

Are there any other magicians out there?


Brush up on your magic tricks and get ready to show your stuff on Halloween!

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I'd show you my jack-o-lantern, but it was smashed last night. I don't mean it went out and got drunk, I mean that some punk kids (or adults) removed it from my steps and smashed it.


If I find out who did it, I'll smash THEM.


Anyhow. I'm not what you'd call a good magician, but I do know the value of a few cheap tricks to liven up the mood, so in that regards Happy Magician's Day too.

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the bear pumpkin is great! well done with the carving. we had two pumpkins that we got and carved too early, week before last and they didn't keep. then i went to get another today but they were all gone/smashed up. plenty of trick or treaters in the new neighborhood though, which was funny and an excuse to sit with the front door open, just inside with some furs on. no, i didn't hand out candy, but watched while the bf did that for me.

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If you rub Vaseline on them, they stay hard longer.


A thin coating over the exposed edges prevents it from drying out.


If it does shrivel, soak it in water overnight. Completely submerge it. It will absorb water and pump itself back up.


If it gets moldy, there is nothing you can do. You're out of luck.


Oh! Umm... I'm talking about PUMPKINS!

What did you THINK I meant?


I'm the one who sat out on the stoop, handing out candy while Melanie spent most of the time inside. I don't mind. It's kind of fun for me. Besides, I see it as a form of Neighborhood Watch.


There were two young kids dressed up as Teddy Bears. They got extra candy! There was another dressed up as Elvis! I gave him extra candy too. He said, "Thankyouverymuch!"


We bring our pumpkins back inside at night.

I spent too much time carving them to get them smashed up.

Besides, Pudge, the Bear whose likeness is on that pumpkin (He's the larger, all brown Bear sitting in the middle.) would be upset if HIS pumpkin got messed up before it's time.

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