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That Time of the Year

Mr Barguzin

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Okay... Americans, Canadians, South Americans, Kiwis and Europeans can tune out... cause this is a personal matter between we Aussies and those rascally Pommies: THE ASHES!!


The First Test starts at the Gabba in 23-24 days time. Pigeon has hit his straps as have Punter and Warnie (if he'd leave those mobiles alone *sigh*)... and the Australian team is in the Semi Finals of the Whatever the event is series whereas the Poms are returning to Mother England in the vain hope that they'll get to see the Ashes one more time before then.


The questions arise: Who will win... and why? Who will be Player of the Series? Who will claim most wickets and score most runs? Will England actually be competitive??



BTW, Pidge hasn't nominated any player this time round.... but Tendulker and the Prince have both fallen to him recently. Flintoff is returning from injury and will Petterson(sp?) be as useful on Aussie wickets?


Let the Fun and Games Commence.

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Ahh Mr B, a poor set of perfomances by the English team recently and the Auzzies are out there like the Tazzie devil hunting blood. Well it will be an interesting series (its likely we'll lose the Ashes 1st go), and at least I can console myself that France is just over the ditch, so the World Cup cometh again............next year.


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Can't wait for the ashes to start, staying up all night and then going to work to catch up on some sleep.


We hear warney has rediscovered his flipper, that could spell trouble for us. Still a few stray cricket balls strategically placed in practice sessions should account for the little fat blok like it did for McGrath last summer.




Oh by the way cant go without mentioning the rugby league this morning, what a lovely suprise. Got up nice and early to see what lets face it we alll thought would be another hammering dished out on aussie turf. Well what a shock that was. Great performance by the boys especially given that Willie Mason should have been dismissed on at least 2 seperate occassions and still the austaralian ref missed them both!!!

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