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Little Miss Risk Canadian burlesque star

Guest touchofsable

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Says on her myspace that she lokes fox furs.

You lucky guys in Canada that's all I can say.




No pics of fur on her site but hopefully there may be at some point.

She has a lost of live dates coming up.


Miss T do you want to ask her along here? Anyone got any pics of her in furs?

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Okay, late reply... my computer was out of commission for the weekend, and it's been chaos otherwise, so getting online hasn't been top priority.


I checked her out, and she is just wonderful! I can't believe no one else had anything to say about that cutie!? I sent a friends request and a message to her on myspace... so I'll invite her here when I get a reply.


And, lucky girl lives in Vancouver, the city I want to move to one day! That's just more motivation to get there, eh? I can't imagine a burlesque troupe coming anywhere near Ohio, but I did ask how far they travel in hopes of one day catching a show. Dreaming at this point, but fantasy is good for the mind.


Thanks for the tip touch! Good find! Wow, she'd be sweet to take pics/vid of eh?!

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I got a promising reply today from the lady in question. She said she is trying to organize a tour here next new year, but she is coming to Illinois and Wisconsin later this year... so for those in that area who are interested in seeing a good burlesque show, check out her site or email and ask her about that.


I did ask what her model rate is, to see if there is any way I could shoot her if she does come near here next year. Trying!


I sent a rather long email already, so didn't add info about the den, but mentioned some fur shoots I'd like to do, testing the waters a bit. When she replies I'll direct her here if she is interested.

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