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Fox furs in Denmark


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Hi folks!


Some of you may know the Yahoo group "sexyfoxfurs" which I started; it is a place to collect photos of beautiful girls wearing fox furs other than coats and jackets. I've tried to find as many photos of fox collars, boas, stoles and pelts as I can and post them here.


Sorry Doctorbaz, but the link should have been posted in the "No Spam Zone".... so here it is in that place:




The rest of the post I leave as it does open up another line of furry thought that a few may not have considered. PB


I know that in Denmark - Copenhagen especially - it is very fashionable for young women to wear whole fox pelts. I found this out when I met a lovely Danish girl at university in the UK who would always wear fox furs in the winter, and she told me that everyone does so in Denmark.


Is anyone here from Denmark? It would be great if you could post any photos you have of girls in foxes, or if you could take some photos in the streets if they'd let you. I must go there some day....!


Of course you are all welcome in the group, and to post any foxy pictures you have from anywhere in the world! There's just something that bit special about fox pelts and accessories...





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welcome DoctorBaz


Yes I was on a ship once which docked in Copenhagen in 1976 for an hour and it was the most fox furs I had ever seen. Don't know if it is still like that though lol! I was 16 and like didn't want to get back on the boat.

All the girls looked like Abba.

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Thanks for moving it for me - sorry for mis-posting!


You're right, the Danish girls tend to be fairly stunning! Even better when they're furry too, of course! I'm sure this fashion is still the case, as my Danish friend was in the UK until only two years ago. Most girls tend to get their first fox aged 15 or 16, she told me.



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I've just come back from a long weekend in Copenhagen last week. Unfortunately the weather was fairly mild so there wasn't a great deal of fur to see. There was a lot of fox trims on coats however and some of the younger girls were wearing fox pelts. I can only imagine things getting a lot better in the next few weeks!


On a less positive note though I went to Copenhagen a couple of years ago and was disappointed to see that a couple of fur shops had closed. There was a great store that just sold clothes made from Royal Saga skins - that had gone. Also one of the department store's fur salons had closed. There were still quite a few shops selling furs though and lots of clothes with fur trim. I did speak to one furrier who said the closures were more to do with the mild winters over the last few years rather than fur becoming less popular.

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