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Fur Robe/Pajamas For Lounging


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Lately, with the cold temperatures arriving, i've had this daydream replay in my head. It's compiled of many different elements which i hope to make come true one day. It's a daydream of ultimate comfort that I'd like to share and perhaps get some feedback on.


The daydream began after acquiring some fake fur blankets from Asia, where I lived for two years. I've since returned to the states. I've slept under these two plush mink-like blankets for over two years now, even in the Summer, receiving some raised eye-brows from family members. I thought I'd never see these fake fur blankets on sale in the states as I had in Asia, but I think I've found them online, possibly imported from Asia. As i've slept under these blankets, I've thought how wonderful it'd be if I had pajamas and a robe made out of these same blankets.


Here is the website:


Notice the arctic fox and raccoon blankets, they are identical to the ones I have, except mine have a floral pattern on one side.


Back to the daydream.


In this daydream, I see myself walking down the stairs to the spacious living and dining room of a victorian mansion. Yet, this victorian mansion is not very well insulated. It's a winter morning, i'm snowed in, a fire is roaring in the living room. Breakfast and coffee is prepared.


I am zipped-up from neckline to foot in double-sided plush fake fur pajamas, eliminating the need for socks and slippers. It's the kind of thing you'd see an infant wear, but it's very comfortable, and easier to keep clean. I am also wearing a white arctic fox robe, this large robe is as thick looking as a real fur, yet not too heavy while being in it. I can take my coffee and lay down on my large chaise lounge, with cushions you could sink into, covered with real furs: sheepskin, lynk, crystal fox, and fox tails hang off the side making the chaise lounge resemble a sleigh.


I'm confident that my weekend could be spent from this chaise lounge reading, or watching a movie on my large home theatre screen. A smile never leaves my face, wearing this makes me confident, comfortable, like a king almost.


Keep in mind, I am not wearing real furs, only fake like the ones seen in the site listed above. The reason is because I have one big fear, if i were lounging in real furs, they could rip or tear during lengthy sitting or lying positions. I could spend the entire day laying on the chaise lounge in front of the fireplace, and I feel confident that the fake furs I lounge in wouldn't be prone to too much damage. I know the feel of real fur is sacrificed.


Does anyone have a fur lounging robe (or pajamas) custom made (or sewn themselves) out of fake or real furs?


I keep reading on fur care sites that sitting in furs is not reccomended. Is it true that a real fur can be really heavily damaged from too much sitting and lounging? What's the solution?


Anyone have any fur lounging stories or daydreams they'd like to share as the cold weather hits us?


Any input would be appreciated, and thanks for letting me share my daydream - now if only I could make it happen for real!


- Kuma

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