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No more new photos out there?

White Fox

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Folks, I notice that the photos posts have dropped away down. Are there no more new photos out there?


We do have a good bit of room yet for new photos in the Gallery. The time will come when we run out of room, but we have had a fair number of donations to allow us to upgrade.


#1. Folks, any time you see a photo, feel free to post it in our gallery. Remember that if you post a link to a picture here that in just a few days it is buried under hundreds of messages that make it difficult if not impossible to find again. If you post that picture in the gallery, people will be able to find it. If you put a good description on it people will be able to find it in minutes or even seconds. Why post it in a way that it can only be seen a few days when you can post it so people can see it always.


#2. We are getting closer to being able to get more web space. You will notice that we received another new donation just yesterday from a VERY generous individual. However, we have a long way to go yet to upgrade one level, or to a dedicated server as we would really like to do.


So please consider helping us out with a donation.


Thanks Folks

White Fox

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