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A Famous Birthday in History

Worker 11811

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We, the Bears, have temporarily taken over our human's computer in order that we may bring you this very important Public Service Announcement:


This day, October 27, in 1858 a very famous person was born.


We would like to take this oportunity to remind you that today is the anniversary of President Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt's birth. Without his kind gesture in refusing to shoot a helpless bear cub we might not have gained the popularity we enjoy today!


Our thanks also go out to Mr. Clifford K. Berryman, creator of the famous political cartoon that started the ball rolling for us Teddy Bears!


We would like to leave you with a little portrait we have taken of ourselves, in Roosevelt's honor.


Please take a moment, today, to give your Teddy Bears a hug in rememberance of this great man. They would probably also appreciate it if you gave them a cookie, too! Oh! And don't forget the root beer! Pudge, the Bear, says, "Bears love to drink root beer!"


Thank you, kindly for your attention to this matter!


We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming...

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So Thats the "Teddy Bear Rough Riders" in the pic with the said Birthday Boy???? thats great!!!! also,what kind of cookies do the Teddies like???? and i'd be more than happy to share some Root Beer with them,any particular brand they like????

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Cirrus of Earendil says, "Chocloate! We Like Chocloate!"


Chocolate cookies! Chocolate Brownies! Chocolate cake!... Chocolate!


We like I.B.C. Root Beer. We like most brands of root beer but the best ones have a nice "root" flavor to them. We don't like ones that are really sweet with no flavor as much.


We, the Bears, raise our glasses of root beer and salute Captain Cook!



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Ah yes... where would we be were it not for Captain James Cook............................................................................


Either eating frog legs and looking for the next President..... oooorrrrrrrrr


Trying on our new pair of clogs................. ooooooooooorrrrrrrrrr


Wondering why all those white fellas take such delight in screwing up my homeland.

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It's me, Worker, again.


Ummm... Sorry about that, folks. The Bears got a little carried away, there. I think they got into the root beer and some of them drank a little too much. A few of them looked like they had hangovers, today.


Can you blame them? Roosevelt's birthday IS one of their biggest holidays.


But, after almost an entire day of celebrating, most of them are tired out or recovering from what ails them. They'll be fairly quiet for a few days.


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I can't trust my memory on this but I believe the story about Roosevelt and the bear cub doesn't have a happy ending. Roosevelt refused to shoot the cub because of the prescense of reporters. Another member of his hunting party shot the cub later.

Incidently Theodore Roosevelt was given the nickname Teddy by the media as it existed at the time. He disliked it intensely and people who knew him never used it.

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