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A Simple Kindly Request. All members please read!

White Fox

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Folks, worker is doing a tremdous job taking care of video clips on this site. I was just going to mention that we are getting close to 50. Can we make 100 soon? We would love to have the biggest video Library anywhere on fur clips and movies.


We desperately need your help on one very simple thing here!

I have one very important request. It is almost impossible for Worker to view these videos to tell their quality. He is on slow speed net, but even if he wasn't that is expecting way too much. Remember that he is a member here and likes to enjoy the site just like you. And as well he is one of three people who monitor links areas. It is extremely important that you let him know their rating of 1 star for little fur to three star for a lot of fur. Worker does not have high speed connection, and it is way too much to expect him to do this. If you have posted the link, you have seen the clip. So, please just post that rating. It means so much to us and to Worker.


Please remember that we have a huge site here so we really need members to help us out in certain areas. We want you to think of this as your site too, and as such you can help us out by doing these things.


Also, if you should see a video clip that someone else posted and did not rate, please do that.


(By the way, if you could rate any that were posted today -27th - that would help him out a great deal.)


Thanks all for your help.

White Fox

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Hey, I think I've got all the videos classified! Thanks to all those who helped with the posting of the links and the fur ratings.


>> Visit the Wiki Page <<


I have a list of a few more links that I have yet to type in but I will do that soon.


In the mean time, if there are any suggestions or changes that need to be made, let me know. I'll do my best to update the list.

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